Hamilton – review

To say I loved Hamilton would be a major understatement. The crowd was electric. Major applause after every scene. The turntable stage was beyond awesome. There are not enough kudos for the performers. I can not imagine memorizing so many lines and singing and dancing and giving each “founding father” a personality.

I was cheering, laughing, and crying. They brought the human experience to life. No one is perfect. We all have flaws. Some are there for all of history to record.

I would go and see it again in a heartbeat.

Jill James, thrilled fan

New Release – Trapped in Christmas

I love releasing my holiday books. This year’s is book 2 in the Mistletoe Valley series. Book 1 was My Mistletoe Hero released last Christmas.

Trapped in Christmas is the story of magazine writer Laura Logan, who is sent to Mistletoe Valley to dig up the dirt about a town that is the epitome of the holiday spirit. She doesn’t believe in Christmas or Mistletoe Valley and she is all set up to find the scam behind the town. When she falls for Andy Henderson, the animal shelter owner, she discovers there is magic in the holiday and sometimes dreams and wishes can come true.

Get it at AMAZON or read for free with kindle unlimited.

Jill James, author of the Mistletoe Valley series of sweet, holiday stories

May you discover the magic of the season and keep it all year long!

Trapped in Christmas

That is the title of my Christmas book this year. Take one writer who doesn’t believe in Christmas and plunk her down into a small mountain town that is the epitome of the Christmas spirit and you have Trapped in Christmas. Add a snowstorm that shuts down the highway, a handsome animal shelter owner, a bakery owner who may be a little magical, and you may be stuck in Mistletoe Valley for the holidays.

I’m getting a cover by the end of October and Trapped in Christmas should be up on Amazon by the beginning of November! Stay tuned to this blog to see the cover early. Or be among the first if you subscribe to my Jill James newsletter! https://eepurl.com/hvtn-/

Jill James, author of the Mistletoe Valley series.

Tempting Adam – republished

Tempting Adam was my first published book, published by The Wild Rose Press. I got the rights back to it, let it sit for a while, got a new cover, and polished it up.

My cover artist did an amazing job!! I love the design, the couple, the whole vibe.

If you haven’t already read Tempting Adam, get it HERE!

Jill James, author of the Sirens of St. Eden series

Tempting Adam/Taming Brad

Preorder – Ghostly Deceptions

Ghostly Deceptions — Andrea and Luke’s story — Available to preorder on AMAZON.

The Ghost Releasers, Inc. team is back with another paranormal tale. Andrea Martin-Stovall doesn’t believe in ghosts until she is possessed by Andi, a ghost from the age of jazz and bathtub gin. Even though he is part of the Ghost Releasers team, Luke Tremaine doesn’t believe in what he can’t touch and see, until Andrea starts acting like she isn’t herself anymore. When ghostly deceptions tear through her life, Andrea will have to face the impossible–she needs paranormal help. Luke will have to face the fact the woman he’s fallen for may not be the woman he thinks she is at all.

Ghostly Deceptions is book #2 in the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series of paranormal ghost romance.

Jill James, writer of paranormal romance

Cover Reveal – Ghostly Deceptions

I love showing off the beautiful covers Elaina Lee of For the Muse Designs makes for my books. I just give her a few details and she nails it–every time!

Andrea and Luke were an awesome couple to write. Definitely an enemies to lovers tale with a ghostly twist.

Even with her sister’s paranormal adventures in Ghostly Intentions and Luke being a part of the Ghost Releasers business, they both refuse to believe in the Otherworld. Too bad ghosts don’t care if you believe in them or not!!

When a spirit takes over Andrea’s mind, body, and life, they will have no choice but to believe and figure out how to fight ghostly deceptions.

Now available for preorder on AMAZON Releasing August 9, 2021!!

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series

Cover Reveal!

Getting a cover for my newest book this week. Ghostly Deceptions is on preorder for a release date of August 9th, 2021. On Amazon it has a placeholder cover I did myself. LOL If you see it, you will know why I have a cover artist for all of my covers.

Subscribers to my newsletter get to see exclusive cover reveals before anyone else!!

Sign up for the newsletter HERE or click on the scroll on the sidebar and be among the first to see the new cover for Ghostly Deceptions, coming in August!

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series of paranormal ghost romances

Camp Nanowrimo 2021

April is the beginning of Camp Nanowrimo. It is a little looser than regular Nanowrimo which happens in November. In April, you set your own word count goal, you work on something already started, or work on several projects at the same time.

This month I’m working on finishing Ghostly Deceptions, book 2 in the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series. If I finish the first draft before the end of the month I’ll also work on Ghostly Perceptions, book 3 in the series.

I made a practice cover to keep me inspired during the month. This will not be the actual cover, I have a cover artist for that.

Do you do Nanowrimo or do you have any plans for April?

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series

Cover Art Day

I love cover art day. It is the day I have the appointment with my cover artist to make a cover for one of my books. Today we will be working on the print cover for Zombies in the Grass, my newest release. Even though I have the ebook cover already, it is still exciting to see what Elaina Lee will do for the back cover, the fonts, and the colors. Since she did all my covers, she makes sure all the books in a series go together. Have I told you how awesome she is?!!



Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series

Release Day!

Nothing is exciting as publishing your first book, but #21 comes in pretty close. The Time of Zombies series have been my most exciting books to write. I love zombies. Movies, books, television shows.

Zombies in the Grass was so much fun to write. Willa Zara is all gung ho, army, follow the rules and Danny Lopez is ‘they are more like guidelines’ let’s break them, especially when he doesn’t agree with them. The other zombie books took place in various places in California I was familiar with. For Zombies in the Grass I headed up into the Sierra Nevada mountains to Donner Lake. The husband took me on a photo opportunity there to get pictures for inspiration for the story. The place is beautiful. The lake is crystal clear. An idyllic place (except for the snow and zombies I put there.) If you get the chance, check it out.

I hope everything loves Willa and Danny’s story as much as I did.

Available today at Amazon, Apple, BN.com, Kobo, and Smashwords. Coming soon in paperback.

Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series

Just One More Week

When you start writing a book it seems like release day will be soooo far in the future you can’t even see it with a telescope. But as you near the release day it rushes forward like an avalanche and there is no stopping it.

Zombies in the Grass, book 4 of the Time of Zombies series is almost here. Just one more week. This is Danny and Willa’s story. If you’ve read the rest of the series there are some nice tidbits from couples of books 1-3 and the boys of Rogue Vantage. Along with the gang are some new people; good and bad.

I hope you will enjoy walking with the dead, Jill James

Preorder at $2.99, two weeks after release it goes up to the regular price of $4.99


Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series

Zombies in the Grass

She follows every rule. He breaks them as much as possible. Will they get on the same page to defeat the zombie horde?

The army is Willa Zara’s whole life. It has given her structure, discipline, and a family. When Danny Lopez has received one order too far, he deserts and takes the conscripted children with him. When danger strikes too close to the army base, Willa and Danny will have to decide which side they are on.

Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. What Willa and Danny have flashes like lightning starting a wildfire. Will it burn all in its path or lead to love in the time of zombies?

Zombies in the Grass is book 4 in the Time of Zombies series. Now available to preorder.


Release Day is March 9, 2021!!

Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series

My Mistletoe Hero – Release Day

Today is release day for My Mistletoe Hero, the story I have in the boxed set, Christmas Heroes on Main Street by the Authors of Main Street

I enjoyed getting to know Tara Early and her boys, Joel and Robby. They live in Mistletoe Valley, a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. My Mistletoe Hero is book 1 in the Mistletoe Valley series.

The story is about being a hero; not because you think you are, but because you don’t think you are. We all have the capacity of being a hero. We each can rise to the occasion and help others before thinking of ourselves.

I hope you will get My Mistletoe Hero and discover Mistletoe Valley!

Jill James, romance writer

Holiday Traditions

Every family has them. The things you must do. The foods you must eat. Even the order things must be done.

When I was first married, the husband’s mother and grandmother were in charge of Thanksgiving. Over the years that changed and now the sister-in-law does Thanksgiving and we do Christmas. Usually…

But this year is different. How many times have you had to say that in 2020?

With all the restrictions, it is not possible. I want to be thankful for what I have and not resentful of what we are missing. But it is hard! Everyone says, “skip this year so we can all be together next year.” Let’s be truthful, shall we?! Some of us will not be here next year, Covid or No Covid. It is a fact of life. And it hurts.

So, I will try to be thankful, but in my heart–I really want to spend time with my family!!

Jill James, romance author

Nanowrimo 2020

November is here again. Time for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), where writers try for 50,000 words in one month. This will be, I think, my eighth year. I’ve won a few years, missed a few years, but always have more words on November 30th than I had on November 1st.

This year I’m working on my Christmas 2021 book, Trapped in Christmas. Can’t wait to write about Laura and Andy and the traditions that make Christmas so special.

This week I’m plotting with the help of Save the Cat! Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody. Excellent writing book.

If you Nano too, find me at https://nanowrimo.org/participants/jill-james

Jill James, romance writer