Preorder – Ghostly Deceptions

Ghostly Deceptions — Andrea and Luke’s story — Available to preorder on AMAZON.

The Ghost Releasers, Inc. team is back with another paranormal tale. Andrea Martin-Stovall doesn’t believe in ghosts until she is possessed by Andi, a ghost from the age of jazz and bathtub gin. Even though he is part of the Ghost Releasers team, Luke Tremaine doesn’t believe in what he can’t touch and see, until Andrea starts acting like she isn’t herself anymore. When ghostly deceptions tear through her life, Andrea will have to face the impossible–she needs paranormal help. Luke will have to face the fact the woman he’s fallen for may not be the woman he thinks she is at all.

Ghostly Deceptions is book #2 in the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series of paranormal ghost romance.

Jill James, writer of paranormal romance