Scribd cuts romance catalog

Scribd ( is a subscription program for eBooks. Recently, they decided that romance readers are reading them out of house and home, as quoted by Mark Coker of Smashwords. So, the answer to the problem was to cut 80-90% of their most popular, best-selling romance novels to save on costs.

Read about it here:

My books are still there (so far) but many authors had their books disappear overnight.

As a reader, do you use subscription programs?

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Change is inevitable.

Amazon logo copyAmazon and Jeff Bezos must like change, because they are at it again. Readers of Kindle eBooks won’t notice any difference but the writers of those eBooks will. Selena Kitt has written a great blog post on the upcoming change in payment for authors with eBooks in the KU (Kindle Unlimited) system at Amazon.

I don’t have a dog in this race, but things change quickly in the Indie publishing world so I like to keep up with all the news.

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Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week I’ll be celebrating 27 years of marriage to the most wonderful man in the world. This past week he took me to Reno for an anniversary trip. We hadn’t been in quite a while, so it was lots of fun.

Photos are on the photo page. Click and scroll down to the end.

Today is husband’s birthday and Thursday is our anniversary. Hope your week is exciting too!!

Jill James, contemporary, paranormal, and urban fantasy romance writer
Coming Soon! Zombie book #2 – The Zombie Hunter’s Wife

Work in Progress

Or WIP as it is used in a writer’s world. Right now I’m in the middle of zombie book #2. The zombie apocalypse books were outside my comfort zone to write in two ways.

First, they are romance novels through and through, but there are many ooey, gooey zombie parts. hahaha (pun intended)

DSC01976Second, they have a large cast of heroes, heroines, villains, and survivors. So I decided to use index cards and a divided cardboard backer to keep track of people and some basic info like hair and eye color and how they are related. When I moved on to book #2 I got rid of those who had died (R.I.P.) or not, if they were a villain and I grouped people by who they would hook up with in this current book. Have some interesting match-ups that I had not planned. :)

*If you are a writer, do you have some organizational tips to share?

*If you are a reader, do you like a close, couple of people, intimate story or a broad, action/adventure, cast of thousands? (LOL)

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Summer is here!!

sun clip artIn Northern California summer hits with a vengeance. Last week it was 74, this week it is 104. For a girl who loves Spring and Autumn, I live in the wrong spot. :) We have two seasons; Hot and Dry, which in this drought is very hot and very dry, and Wet and Cold, which we did not get enough of this year. :(

It seems like the people who need rain get none and the people who’ve had enough rain can’t get it to stop. It would be so nice if it just stayed a nice temperature, easy breeze, some rain for plants, some sun for people.

What is your ideal season or type of weather?

Jill James, writer of romance
Time of Zombies, Book 2, coming soon!!
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World Wide Audience

globeSometimes, in the middle of writing and promoting and editing and ordering covers I forget how wonderous eBook publishing is. Deep in my subconscious I realize that my eBooks are being sold around the world, but sometimes my consciousness forgets what “the whole world” means.

Recently, I started doing some Facebook ads. This has meant more visitors to this website. In viewing the analytics to gauge if the ads are doing anything I’ve been amazed and astonished to see visitors from as far away as Jordan and Japan, Great Britain and India, Singapore and the Czech Republic.

With Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, and Smashwords, my books truly do go all around the world.

How amazing is that??!!

Jill James, romance writer
Time of Zombies, Book 2 Coming Soon!