Never say never Part 2

About six months ago I wrote a post on Authors of Main Street about never saying never. I said I would never write a romance novel with a kid in it. Not only did Defend My Love have a kid but she had a main role in the story. I said I would never write a book in 1st person and I wrote Love in the Time of Zombies in first person and it is my best selling book to date. I said I would never volunteer in the writing world and I volunteer all over the place. My wallflower self has been kicked to the curb.

Recently I got to say never again and I mean it. I’m a linear writer. I start with Once upon a time… and finish up with …and they lived happily ever after. I do not write chapters out of order. But when I started writing A Time to Kill Zombies I knew I would have to do just that. I had four groups of survivors who were at different places and different timelines in the story. So I wrote it like:

Jack and Lila chapter 1
Jack and Lila chapter 2
Selena chapter 1
Selena chapter 2
Paul, Suz, and Josh chapter 1
Paul, Suz, and Josh chapter 2
Cody, Ran, and April chapter 1
Cody, Ran, and April chapter 2

and so on.

The writing was much easier that way. Putting it all together once it was written…not so much! A headache and a half. It was great to do the experiment but definitely a never again. (I mean it. Maybe. LOL)

Do you write in order or do you write wherever the whim takes you?

Readers: Do you read in order or skip around? Or heaven forbid, read the end first?😮

Jill James, romance writer

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750A Time to Kill Zombies now live!!

Available at most online vendors
and coming soon in paperback.

2 weeks to go!

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750Just two weeks until the release of Book 3 in the Time of Zombies series, A Time to Kill Zombies with my two favorite characters, Commander Jack Canida and Lila Sterling.

It is hard enough to find a kidnapped child today with all the resources at hand, how much harder would it be in the zombie apocalypse? That is the basis for the story. The search for a lost child and a mother’s greatest fear; what if they find the child and she doesn’t want to be found anymore?

A Time to Kill Zombies is available for preorder and releases on June 27th. Links for preorder are on the Books-Time of Zombies-A Time to Kill Zombies page

I hope you will enjoy reading the Time of Zombies series as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Jill James, romance writer and lover of all things zombie

Graduation Day 2016

Brainy Grandson is graduating middle school and moving on to high school. So is the nephew.

How did that happen?:)

Hope everyone is enjoying the annual rite of passage with their children, grandchildren, or themselves.

Jill James, romance writer and proud grandma and aunt.

Two Sweet Words – The End

Late last night I typed The End on my latest manuscript. Okay, it was actually # # #, but you know what I mean.:) I made my latest deadline with one whole day left over. Yay!!

I’m a terrible procrastinator. Or maybe I’m a great procrastinator, since I do it so much!! When it came down to crunch time it really worked this time. I was ‘in the zone’ for hours, for days.

A Time to Kill Zombies will be ready for release day – June 27th

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750








Jill James, romance writer and procrastinator extraordinaire

May Newsletter coming!

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750A Time to Kill Zombies is on preorder, so no Look Inside! at vendors.😦 So I included chapter 1 in last month’s newsletter. This month’s will include chapter 2 and is coming out soon so sign up to get the advance preview. Next month (June) is release month and will have chapter 3 in the newsletter. Enjoy!

Release Day is June 27th!!

Jill James, romance author

The Sagging Middle

The dreaded sagging middle. Most writers fear it with a passion. It is when the beginning flows and things are happening for your character and the end is known or at least imagined of how they get their happily ever after. But…

You have no idea what happens in the middle before the Black Moment (another great writer event). Usually this is the point where I kill someone (in the story). But for the current story I’m trying something different. Something I’ve never done before. I’m writing A Time to Kill Zombies in a non-linear method. I’m writing which ever character strikes me at the moment.

So, my manuscript looks like this–

Jack and Lila 1
Jack and Lila 2

Selena 1
Selena 2

Paul, Suz, and Josh 1
Paul, Suz, and Josh 2

Miranda, Cody, and April 1
Miranda, Cody, and April 2

So, at the moment, I have no idea where the middle is, sagging or otherwise. And it has been freeing. I’m not worried about it. I’m writing chapters as ideas come to me. I might learn to like this. Add in Dragon Naturally Speech to Text and I feel like I’ve discovered the joy of writing all over again.

What mind tricks do you use to do something that may be hard or boring or difficult?

Jill James, romance author

Coming Soon!
A Time to Kill Zombies – Jack and Lila’s story

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750Available for preorder at most online vendors.

A Time to Kill Zombies

A Time to Kill Zombies is now available to preorder! It is book #3 in the Time of Zombies series. It is Jack and Lila’s story and also a larger look at the hostile world the group now lives in.

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750I’ll be working on a book page here on my website this week. But until then, it should be available at Amazon,, iBooks, and Kobobooks for preorder!! Releasing June 27, 2016

Jill James, romance author

Ten Tips to Create a Writing Routine

My favorite is #8. Check them all out and if you have the time, listen to some of Chandler Bolt’s videos. He is a great motivator.

Writing Process: 10 Tips to Create a Routine

Jill James, romance author
A Time to Kill Zombies is coming soon!

This is what happens…

at my house when you try to install a new toilet. LOL








Apparently all toilets are not standard and the new one didn’t fit under the overhanging shelf the builders added in 1992 when the house was built. So next, this happened…








And I will be getting a new vanity and sink! Yay!!

Would have been nice if we’d realized it before we painted the whole room! LOL

Jill James, romance writer and DIYer.

Prepare for the Unexpected

This is why you need more than one book when you dig into promoting yourself and your books.

Scheduled for a TV Appearance … and then the Dreaded Unexpected Happens

The same holds true for pitch appointments with agents and editors. If they don’t like your first or current manuscript, be prepared to pitch numbers 2, 3, and 4. They want to buy books. Give them several options to choose from.

Nothing sells book #1 like book #2…and so on.

Jill James, off to write now!

A Time to Kill Zombies, Time of Zombies, Book 3 coming soon!

Brief Hiatus

paintbrushI’ll try to post some pictures of the renovations later this week, but for the time being I won’t be doing an actual blog while we are working on the house.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you hire someone?

Jill James, romance author and do-it-yourselfer


I love this hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. Let the Tweetverse and Facebook peeps know what you are working on. For non-authors, there is #amreading to share a good book you are reading.

#amwriting A Time to Kill Zombies which is Lila and Jack’s story. Secret project which may or may not be a romantic suspense.

#amreading Alone In The Dark by Karen Rose.

What are you reading or writing?

Jill James, romance writer and reader