Super Zombie Sale!!

I’m celebrating the release of Book 2, The Zombie Hunter’s Wife  on October 26th, at the
Special Preorder Price of just 99¢, $3.99 regular price after release week,
by lowering the price of  Book 1, Love in the Time of Zombies to just 99¢ for the month of October.
So you can walk with the dead for less than $2 for two zombie books!!

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300


TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300


Jill James, fan of all things Zombie!!

Banned Books Week 2015

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

As a writer of words I take Banned Books Week very seriously. I don’t believe any book should ever be banned. The readers will speak with their wallets and reading habits if a book is not to their taste. I love romance novels. Some people have called them mommy porn. I believe they have entertainment value. I believe in happily-ever-after. Romance is the celebration of finding that “one” true love. If you’ve found yours, you will recognize the struggle to find and keep them. If you’ve been unlucky in love, a romance novel can show you it can happen for anyone at anytime.

Many books have been on the Banned Book List. I’ve read most of them. Sometimes, just because they were on the list. :)

Read a book! Even better, read a Banned Book!!

Jill James, writer of words, believer of happily-ever-after

Another One Bites The Dust.

readingEbooks definitely don’t seem to want to be in subscription services as Oyster gets ready to close its doors. Also interestingly, their employees are headed to Google Play. Could we see a subscription model popping up there?

Recently, Scribd removed most/all of its romance titles as apparently (meaning everyone but Scribd knew) romance readers are voracious readers. Duh!! Some romance readers devour 4-5 books a week. For an average of $10 a month for services, romance readers are getting to enjoy a buffet.

Unless something miraculous happens, Amazon Kindle Unlimited may be the last one standing.

Never a dull moment in the publishing world!!

Jill James, writer of romance
The Zombie Hunter’s Wife – 10-26-2015

I’ve made PAN!!

PAN stands for Published Author Network, a community in RWA – Romance Writers of America. I’ve been a member since 2004.

When I started in 2004 you could join PRO, a community of RWA for writers with a finished manuscript that was submitted to an agent or editor at a publishing house. I wrote Books and Dreams, an 85,000 word contemporary romance that got me my first rejection letter and will probably never see the light of day. LOL

Recently, RWA did some changes to their requirements to make PAN. You had to make $1,000 on one book to qualify. Thanks to Love in the Time of Zombies, I made that in 3 months (thank you zombie-loving readers) and got accepted into PAN today!

Getting my PRO pin when I started with RWA was very important to me, as is getting the PAN pin today. These are milestones on my writing and publishing journey.

On to the next!!

Thanks, Jill James, writer of romance and proud PAN member.

Summer Wrap-Up

Baseball Equipment Laying on GrassHere in Northern California it will stay hot into October, but you can tell that summer is wrapping up and Fall is on its way with television programming and baseball. My team, the Oakland Athletics, will not be heading into post-season, so we only have a few more games this season. :(



TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300It has been a productive season with a completed book (The Zombie Hunter’s Wife) on preorder. Releasing October 26th. Click on the cover to preorder today!!

I’m hard at work on a Christmas novella and thinking about the next zombie book.

Enjoy the end of summer and look forward to the seasons to come.


What is your favorite season?

Jill James, writer of romance