3 Reasons I Love Self-Publishing

  1. I can write and publish at my own speed; whether that is fast or slow. I have no deadlines except for the ones I set myself.
  2. I am running my own small business. All the decisions are mine. All the benefits are mine, alas all the responsibilities and failures are mine as well.
  3. I am discovering the most amazing self-published authors. Bobby Adair, RJ Kennett, among many others. I’ve discovered some duds too, but that happens in traditional publishing as well.

Have you discovered any amazing self-published books and authors?

 JLogoColorNoTextill James, writer of romance and owner of Gray Sweater Press
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A Cautionary Tale

contract picturePublishing, whether with a NY publisher, small press or e-publisher, or self-publishing is still done with legal contracts or Terms of Service agreements. Read the fine print. Know what you are agreeing to. And still, things you didn’t plan on can happen. Publishing used to be a slow, how-we’ve-always-done-it kind of business but if the last few years have taught us anything , it is that things happen very fast now and you have to keep on your toes to keep up.

Dead to Rights http://roxannestclaire.com/blog/?p=2134

You can find Rocki at http://roxannestclaire.com

Try her Barefoot Bay stories!!  http://www.amazon.com/Roxanne-St.-Claire/e/B001IODNV0 

Isn’t it great…

when your family gets you?! We recently celebrated Mother’s Day and my gifts tell me my family gets me!! They know my likes, they care to shop with me in mind, and they love me, quirks and all.

From my mother-in-law to commemorate the release of Love in the Time of Zombies and because I love the Oakland A’s.





From my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew who know my favorite color is purple.






From my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson who also know how much I love purple!!






The husband got me 3 gift cards to Barnes & Noble. The man definitely knows the way to my heart. LOL :)

I was on a yahoo group today and people were talking about the non-support for their writing from their families. It is hard for people to realize you are realizing your dreams. You are doing something that so many people say they will do…someday. Someday when they have time. Someday when they retire. You are doing it today…and they just don’t understand. For those writers, I say…find people who do support you. Find people who realize you’ve reached your dreams. Find people who celebrate the magic you create with your words.

Jill James, writer of romance and dreamer of dreams

13 reasons you’re not as successful an author as you should be — Jim Kukral

Indie Recon 2015 was last week. I watched and listened to a bunch of amazing authors, book designers, and industry people, but this video/speech by Jim Kukral resonated the clearest. I think many people are guilty of a few of these reasons. A couple hit close to home for me as well. Enjoy!


Jill James, contemporary and paranormal romance author
off to go write the next book and to NOT play Candy Crush Saga. LOL

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