Goodreads Giveaway – The Zombie Hunter’s Wife


My latest book is available as a giveaway at Goodreads! Enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 autographed paperback copies of The Zombie Hunter’s Wife.

Good luck, Jill James

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Zombie Hunter's Wife by Jill James

The Zombie Hunter’s Wife

by Jill James

Giveaway ends February 15, 2016.

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at Goodreads.

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Judge a Book By Its Cover Contest

I don’t enter a lot of contests, but I love the JABBIC Contest and entered this year with Love in the Time of Zombies. I would love your vote, Elaina Lee of For The Muse Designs did a wonderful cover. I’m in SF/F/P category.

The JABBIC Readers’ Choice (that’s Judge A Book By Its Cover) is open to the public.

The JABBIC bookseller judges have had their say. Now it’s time for you to have yours.

Fire up your laptop, tablet, or phone and browse to the JABBIC Readers Choice page to start logging your votes. It’s easy and fast–and anonymous. (But you probably want to be on a broadband connection. We load up all the entries in each category on a single page.)

Just click the genre category at the top and prepare to be wowed. Don’t be shy. If you love a cover, give it a 5. If it doesn’t quite turn you on, score it as a 1.

This contest is great if you’re trying to figure out what makes an appealing cover since it is judged by booksellers who probably see thousands of covers every year. Their winners will be announced after the public has voted.

The Readers’ Choice judging will be open until midnight, February 12.

Thanks, Jill James, romance author

RWA Nationals San Diego 2016

San_Diego_HarborI’m all registered and have a hotel room. This will be a mini-vacation with the conference and visiting brother and his family.

So excited! I haven’t been for a few years. I love the workshops, the fellow writers, seeing and meeting the superstars in our industry. Fun times!!

Will I see you this year in San Diego???

Jill James, romance author

It’s Dangerous Out There

gumdropsNever has there been a better time to be a writer. You can go traditional with a publisher, find a nice independent publisher, or try your hand at self-publishing.  But dangerous waters still exist. Be aware of who you are doing business with. A friendly face doesn’t always equal a friendly business. And it IS a business. Great blog post about it…

Jill James, romance author and self-publisher

Book Publishing Isn’t Supposed To Be Dangerous

calligraphy penIn the scheme of things, book publishing isn’t supposed to be a dangerous job. Police officer, firefighter, soldier, electrician–all of these come to mind when I think there might be danger in the job description. But the saying ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ had to come from somewhere.

Hong Kong publisher cancels book after employees go missing

Jill James, romance writer

Grab the Popcorn


Have you heard this saying on the Internet? It can be dueling blogs with he said/she said or it can be venom unleashed in the comments of a blog or it can be clickbait that starts a word war. All you can do is sit back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy the show.

I can definitely see both sides in this one, but I’m not taking sides. I like to watch drama, not be the drama! LOL

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

JA Konrath’s rebuttal to Kristen’s Blog

and also some more from Kristen on her blog if you follow along.

2016 – Happy New Year

For years I would do New Year’s Resolution. About February they were dust in the wind. Then my friend gave me a Wishing Pot. Each New Year’s Eve I sit down and open it up and read what my wishes were for the year. Some come true, some don’t, and some happened that weren’t in the Wishing Pot. Each New Year’s Eve I sit down and wish for some new things. Some come true, some don’t, and some happen that I didn’t put in the Wishing Pot.

wish pot

What is your wish for 2016?

I’m wishing for more butt in chair time to put out more books in 2016. I’m wishing to continue my new lifestyle choices of portion control and some exercise every day. I’m wishing for happiness and healthfulness for me and my family.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

But, like me, you aren’t standing in line in the cold for the first showing. What to do? You know that the Internet will be buzzing with details that you don’t want to see yet. Get Force Blocker!!

It will put up a splash page to warn you away from any site that has Star Wars news until you get yourself to the theater.

May the Force be with you!! Jill James, geeky writer who stood in line in 1977 through a whole showing to wait for the next one.


Celebrate the Lake Willowbee series

To celebrate the audiobook release of the Lake Willowbee series, Books 1-3 I’m doing a Goodreads giveaway of the paperback book. Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 autographed copies of the
Lake Willowbee series books.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Lake Willowbee Series, Books 1 - 3 by Jill James

The Lake Willowbee Series, Books 1 – 3

by Jill James

Giveaway ends December 14, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Enjoy the adventures at The Lake!!
Jill James, romance author

iTunes Giveaway December 1-10, 2015

iBooks logoDo you like iTunes? Do you like iBooks? Me, too. That’s why I joined a bunch of authors to offer a chance to win iTunes gift cards!! From December 1-December 10 you can follow authors and sign up for their newsletters for a chance at gift cards!!

Go to iBooks Readers & Authors Facebook page for your chance to enter.

Don’t miss out! Enter today!!

Jill James, romance author and lover of eBooks.

Pepper Phillips – Goodbye My Friend

Pepper PhillipsThis weekend the Authors of Main Street group and blog lost one of its brightest lights – Donna Caubarreaux, who wrote as Pepper Phillips. She was a great lady and always ready to jump into an adventure in writing like our first Christmas boxed set when none of us knew what we were doing or to give you a hug and a shoulder to cry on when it had been ‘one of those days.’



Let the Heavens weep for me.
Let the tears fall from the sky.
But no more will you weep for me,
for we will be together by and by.

Let the Heavens weep for me.
Let the sorrow descend from up above.
But no more will you weep for me,
but think of me with love.

Let the Heavens weep for me.
Let the sadness plunge to the ground.
But no more will you weep for me,
for I am Heaven-bound.

Let the Heavens weep for me.
But you will weep for me no more,
for I am only going back to where
I was once before.

© 1996 Jill James

The Coloring Craze: Adult Coloring Books

crayonsThe publishing world has its funny moments. Like coloring books hitting the Top Ten lists. I enjoy the idea of coloring as relaxation and have been known to color with nephews or grandson. It takes your mind away and nothing brings back thoughts of childhood like a coloring book and a new box of crayons.

Check out this Publishers Weekly article to read more.

Do you like to color?

Jill James, author of romance


a cup is just a cup.

coffee cup

I was trying to decide which Internet hubbabaloo would be the least controversial. Nope, couldn’t find one. So I settled for the Starbucks red cup. I do not see it as a war on Christmas. I do not see it as nothing either. What I do see, is that someone will be upset by something daily. That is the society we have become–a society that must invent indignation, as if there isn’t enough wrong in the world to find something to really be mad and passionate about. So Starbucks chose a plain, red cup so as to not upset anyone and instead managed to upset everyone. LOL

As Joanne Nosuchinsky said on Red Eye: (paraphrasing) “I choose to see it as a blank canvas to draw whatever holiday or Christmas thing I want on it.” So, I’m off to Starbucks for my ridiculously expensive coffee (which is a rant for another day) in a plain red cup with Sharpie in hand to decorate it however I want.

(Starbucks actual red cup not shown due to copyright issues which I as an author truly believe in.)


Have you read a book and found a dedication page or acknowledgements page and wondered, who are these people? That is where we thank the people who made our writing possible; family, friends, editors, and such. But what if you haven’t read one of my books? I still want people to know the important people in my writing world. In the tradition of giving thanks this time of year…

lauren-ovalI would like to thank Lauren Royal

Way back in the Internet stone age…1995-2000, give or take, our Internet Provider was Prodigy. It was a very friendly service and formed groups of your interests; writing, genealogy, hobbies, etc. Back then I belonged to Prodigy RWG or Romance Writing Groups. The moderators took 2 published authors and paired them with 2 or 3 unpublished authors, kind of like a mentoring group. But we became so much more than that. We became friends. One of the authors we were paired with was Lauren Royal, historical romance author extraordinaire. If not for Lauren I never would have learned about RWA (Romance Writers of America). She was the one to tell me of the organization and that I should join. She saw my very first ramblings and encouraged me to continue. She helped me in more ways than she can possibly know. So to her and all the other mentors out there who give of their time and patience for the love of the art…Thank You!!!

Jill James, published author because of lots of help!!

National Novel Writing Month 2015

Nano 2015Or Nanowrimo or insanity in the name of large wordage. LOL

In a fit of temporary insanity I’ve signed up for another year of Nanowrimo. Along with 300,000 other writers I’ve signed up for aiming at 50K words in 30 days.

I’ve done it several years and won a couple of years. My first Nano novel, Tempting Adam became a published book in 2011.

What are your plans for November? Are you joining the insanity of Nanowrimo? You can find me there to ‘buddy’ at Jill James.

Jill James, writer of romance