Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

You’ve heard that saying, right?! The few ruin things for the many. Someone tries to do something nice and someone takes advantage of it.ūüė¶ Now it has hit the Little Free Libraries.

The Tragedy of the Commons Has Now Come to Little Free Libraries


Do you have a Little Free Library by you? Do you use it?

I searched my town but the nearest one is a couple of cities away.

Jill James, romance reader and writer

Indie Author Day 2016


Saturday, October 8th is Indie Author Day.

I’m a proud Indie author. I love being the CEO of my own publishing company of 1!! Being an indie author requires being not only a writer but a marketer also. Along with art approval and editorial management and a host of other things.

But it is fun…sometimes. Some days, not so much.

Support an Indie author! Buy Indie books!


Jill James, Indie author and romance writer

Nanowrimo 2016


National Novel Writing Month – 2016

In case you don’t know it, November is Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). A time when authors and aspiring authors set the crazy goal of writing 50,000 words in the month. I’ve done it 6 or 7 times, won a time or two. My first published book with The Wild Rose Press, Tempting Adam, was a Nano project.

This year I’ll be working on Ghostly Intentions. My Buddy name is Jill James. Hope to see you there.

Jill James, romance writer


Another day, another worry

Being an Indie author is the same as running a small business. New laws, old laws, business laws, literary laws. All concerns to today’s self publisher. Like this new one…


What does it mean for autographed books? We shall have to wait and see.

Jill James, author and entrepreneur

#Fall4Audio Day 20


#Fall4Audio Day 20

For the entire month of September, I’m giving away ONE AUDIOBOOK A DAY! To enter comment here on my blog or Day 20 at http://www.facebook.com/Jill.James.Author  share, tag your friends, or sign up for my newsletter at http://eepurl.com/hvtn- I never spam and only send a newsletter for new releases and subscriber exclusives.

A new winner will be chosen each day and prizes awarded on a rolling basis. Lots of authors are participating. Search FB and Twitter using #Fall4Audio to find more audiobook giveaways!
Today’s audiobook is Divorce, Interrupted –¬†Book 1 –¬†the Lake Willowbee series. Good luck!!

Jill James, romance writer

Paperback Giveaway

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750I’m doing another giveaway with Goodreads. This time it is for A Time to Kill Zombies–Jack and Lila’s story. Hope you’ll check it out and take time to enter for an autographed copy of Book 3 in the Time of Zombies series.


Jill James, romance author
Audiobook versions of the Time of Zombies series are in production

Parlay Your Author Power

Self-publishing has changed the publishing world but there are still authors who have no power to change covers, titles, or clauses in their contracts. And then there is Philippa Gregory…


I love Gregory’s books and I find it amazing in a good way that she wants her stories to retain their historical integrity, even when made into films.

Do you think historical novels should be historically correct or do you believe artistic changes are allowable, or even preferred, to make the story more interesting to a modern audience?

Jill James, romance author
Time of Zombies series coming soon in audiobook!

Friends With Benefits

Okay, you with the naughty thoughts…that’s not the kind of benefits I meant.

calligraphy penI have a best friend. We’ve been friends for 13 years. Her friendship is priceless. But the extra, icing-on-the-top benefit is that she is a writer too.

With no writing group nearby it is amazing how I feel after of morning of writing with her. The ideas flow and the word count explodes. Somehow, our ideas mesh and new stories come out of our get-together.

I come away from those days with a renewed commitment to my writing. To a new insight into why I write and how I write. It is called ‘refilling the well’ and it is that and more.

Writers are solitary creatures a lot of the time and there is a need to connect; with other writers, with artists of all kinds, with readers. To know that our ideas are worthy and worthwhile and not going out into the void of nothingness.

A friend with benefits which no price can be placed upon.

Jill James, romance writer
Time of Zombies series coming soon in audiobook!

Heard any good books lately?

I’m in the process of having the zombie books made into audiobooks. I just opened up for auditions. I picked male or female for narrators since I’ve always had female but I thought I would broaden my horizons to see what I get. So far, so good! Listened to an amazing narrator today. He even laughed at the part in the story where the character laughs. Loved it.

My cover artist is working on fixing my covers since they have to be square for audiobooks. To look like albums I’m assuming.

Do you like audiobooks? Do you listen to them while doing other things or just listen?

Jill James, romance writer
Audiobooks of the Time of Zombies series coming soon!


I’ve never done so much deleting and starting over in my life on a story. Every time I get an idea for a scene I go to write it and it isn’t what I wanted to say. It is like the characters are changing it up as I’m writing. LOL

Some rewriting has been necessary because the characters aren’t coming across as likable at all. For one character I guess that is okay but I thought she would be the nice friend and she is coming across as a witch. hahahaha

Trying to straddle the line between being uber-rich and not snobby. It is a fine line but I need it there for the story to work.

Do you give unlikable characters a chance or is that a book-throwing moment?

Jill James, romance writer

Dangerous Shift and The Reluctant Bride are now available in Kindle Unlimited!!

Current Projects – Summer/Fall

I’m going to be busy through the end of summer and beyond, working on my current Works In Progress or WIPs. I have several things planned for the next few months.

Christmas Novella – published independently or with a boxed set group.

Waking Up For Christmas

WakingUpforChristmas 200x300Waking Up For Christmas is the story of Darcy and Chase. They are in the midst of a divorce when the unthinkable happens РDarcy is in a terrible car accident and in a coma at the hospital. Chase is at her side every day reminding her of their love and why she needs to wake up for Christmas.



Paranormal Ghost Story – aiming for trying Kindle Scout – a crowd-sourced deal at Amazon

Ghostly Intentions

Ghostly Intentions is a paranormal tale of a young widow, Megan who can’t let her husband’s ghost move on. Why would she, when he comes each night to make mad, passionate love to her? Only Jack of Ghost Releasers, Inc. can show her the edge of madness she is treading and how real love is deeper and richer than any ghostly visitation.

Contemporary Romance – reviving and editing old story

Books and Dreams

Books and Dreams is less heat than my current books. Set in a small town, it pits Lyanne and Jack against each other for ownership of the building on Main Street in Wildrose, California. If one achieves their dream, the other loses. Can love make winners of them both?

Paranormal Vampire Story – may publish this under another pseudonym since so different from anything else I write.

Even Vamps Get Divorced

Still in brainstorming/plotting stage, but general idea is vampires are in the open and known but not liked by everyone. When Claire’s boy toy turns up dead all the clues point to the vampire did it. Can she prove her innocence to the police detective who believes all vamps are guilty until proven innocent? When Det. Anderson falls for his prime suspect will he be the next on the killer’s hit list?

What are your plans for summer/fall 2016?

Jill James, busy romance author

Got Kindle Unlimited? I’ve put 2 of my books into the program. Dangerous Shift
and The Reluctant Bride.  Click here!

What a Blast! RWA National 2016

Back from the conference and finally back on track with eating right, exercising every day, and writing on schedule.

It’s all about the shoes! It took several shoe stores and one that was locked but had employees inside. (What’s up with that?!) But it was worth it. I haven’t worn heels for years because it was just too painful and awkward at my weight, but with the weight loss this year I decided to brave them for one evening. It was worth it!

shoes RWA 2016








Plus one more. Don’t we clean up well?!! The husband and I don’t get all dressed up often so we make sure to take pictures of the event. LOL

RWA 2016It was an amazing evening. Great desserts. Great award show. Great company at our table. Thanks Rose City chapter for sharing your table, loved meeting you all!

Jill James, romance author, back at work.


In Hiatus

Mini hiatus this week as mother-in-law recovers from her knee replacement surgery. I’ll be back next week with writer news of current WIPs and some reviews of awesome books I’ve read lately.

Jill James

Never say never Part 2

About six months ago I wrote a post on Authors of Main Street about never saying never. I said I would never write a romance novel with a kid in it. Not only did Defend My Love have a kid but she had a main role in the story. I said I would never write a book in 1st person and I wrote Love in the Time of Zombies in first person and it is my best selling book to date. I said I would never volunteer in the writing world and I volunteer all over the place. My wallflower self has been kicked to the curb.

Recently I got to say never again and I mean it. I’m a linear writer. I start with Once upon a time… and finish up with …and they lived happily ever after. I do not write chapters out of order. But when I started writing A Time to Kill¬†Zombies I knew I would have to do just that. I had four groups of survivors who were at different places and different timelines in the story. So I wrote it like:

Jack and Lila chapter 1
Jack and Lila chapter 2
Selena chapter 1
Selena chapter 2
Paul, Suz, and Josh chapter 1
Paul, Suz, and Josh chapter 2
Cody, Ran, and April chapter 1
Cody, Ran, and April chapter 2

and so on.

The writing was¬†much easier that way. Putting it all together once it was written…not so much! A headache and a¬†half. It was great to do the experiment but definitely a never again. (I mean it. Maybe. LOL)

Do you write in order or do you write wherever the whim takes you?

Readers:¬†Do you read in order or skip around? Or heaven forbid, read the end¬†first?ūüėģ

Jill James, romance writer

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750A Time to Kill Zombies now live!!

Available at most online vendors
and coming soon in paperback.