La Brea – TV show

As a writer, I wanted to cry at the first 5 minutes of this show. They nailed it!! Tell us about the people. Show us why we should care about them when you put them in danger. Make them real. Make them someone we can identify with.

As a bonus, there was mystery, intrigue, and inside jokes. There were hints at big danger and a strangeness to where they are. Add government cover-up, and you have all the ingredients to a super new show.

Jill James, scifi superfan

The Heat is On!

Now you have the song from Beverly Hills Cop in your head, don’t you? You’re welcome!!

Yesterday, woke up to a downright chilly house and turned on the heat for the first time this year. Supposed to be in lower 80s this week and down to 70s next week.

Fall is on its way!!

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series (books 3 & 4) coming soon!

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed

When I first heard about this documentary, I was afraid to watch. I have nothing but happy memories of watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. I’m glad I watched it. Bob Ross was not perfect, he was human after all. But the people who spoke seemed to feel the Bob we saw on our television screens was Bob in real life. He seemed a nice, kind, gentle man. How many people can say that about anyone anymore?

With his show, Bob showed the world you can do anything you want to do. As it was said on the documentary, almost everyone has wanted to paint a picture once in their lifetime. Bob presented a way for anyone to discover what they could do if they used their passion and gave it a try.

When my daughter was little, she could run in circles, from morning to night. But put on Bob Ross and his happy, little trees and she was enthralled. That calm voice drew you in and his belief that we all could paint a picture if we wanted to made us believe we could.

The rest of the documentary was sad. Enough betrayal and greed to go around. If you have fond memories of Bob Ross, his paintings, and The Joy of Painting, you owe it to yourself and Bob’s legacy to learn the truth.

Watch the documentary!!

Jill James, author, not a painter! LOL

The Boys of Summer

Otherwise known as baseball players. Summer is winding down and nowhere is it more evident than on the baseball fields. We enjoy our AAA team, the Reno Aces, affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Triple A started a little later than MLB this year and finishes earlier, so after our games this weekend, we are almost done with baseball for 2021.

The mornings are a little crisper, the evenings are a little cooler, and University of Nevada-Reno football ( Go Pack!!) is right around the corner. I never knew I would enjoy sports so much or mark the seasons by the changing of the sport.

Do you enjoy sports? Do you have a favorite team?

Jill James, author the the Time of Zombies series of zompoc romance novels

Season’s End

Looking at the calendar, it is hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Here in Reno, Nevada, autumn seems to come earlier than I’m used to from living in the S.F. Bay Area for so many years. The plants in my yard are announcing the changing of the season even if it is still 100 degrees for too many days this year.

I enjoy autumn. The leaves change colors, the mornings are cool and crisp, and the afternoons are still warm as summer clings to the days for a little while longer.

What do you enjoy about your favorite season?

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series.

More like guidelines

I love that line in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I think of it every time I put a deadline on my writing project.

A deadline for a book is not written in stone, especially for us self-published authors. I like having a date to aim for, but life happens and sometimes you just need a break. Sometimes the words come, and sometimes they don’t. You can’t force them.

That said, I try really hard to make my self-imposed deadlines. But July has just gotten away from me and the first draft of Ghostly Perceptions, book 3 of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series is not going to happen by July 31st. I will keep writing and hope for some of the story to unfold by the end of the month, but I’m not going to beat myself up when I hear the whoosh of that dateline flying by.

I think since Ghostly Deceptions, book 2 in the series went along so well I was spoiled by the ease of uploading waaaay ahead of time, to finish the paperback version, and to just need the paperback cover to complete the job. Teach me to things would always go along that swimmingly. LOL

Do you set timelines and deadlines for yourself? Do you get mad at yourself when you don’t meet your expectations?

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series of ghost paranormal romances

Halfway There

Tear another calendar page off. We are halfway through the year. Hello, July!

I’m pretty much on course for the plans I made for this year. Christmas novella for box set is done, just needs a cover. First three zombie books are in a box set. Zombie book #4 is done and published. Ghost book #2 is in final edits and will release August 9th. Plotting for Ghost book #3 is done and will start writing today for July Camp Nano.

Other plans for this year: Shifter book #2 is a few thousand words in, so will continue that and hope to have it published by end of year. Working on some ideas for doing episodic work on Amazon Vella, maybe with J. James pseudonym.

Do you set goals for your year? Are you on course? Ahead? Behind? No matter, just keep going!!

Jill James, uber planner and plotter

The Sun Burns

I got sunburned at the baseball game on Sunday. Because of medication I’m only supposed to get 20 minutes of sun at a time. Apparently, as I was enjoying the game, I didn’t realize how long I was in the sun. To say I look like a lobster is an understatement. LOL

Reminder: sunscreen is your friend!!

Jill James, very red romance writer!

Baseball is back!!

I love baseball. The smells. The sounds. The people. The excitement. Last year there was no Minor League Baseball, so no Reno Aces. 😦 But they are back!!!

I love to watch the minor leaguers and try to guess who will be called up to The Show. Who will get to stay there. Who will come back to Reno until the next call up.

Greater Nevada Field is a great ballpark and I can’t wait for the new season!!

Do you follow sports teams? Who are your favorites?

Jill James — Go Aces!!!

Is it Spring?

I thought it was spring. The calendar says it is almost May, but here in Northern Nevada we had winter storm warnings over the Sierra passes, graupel on the ground, and freezing wind.

Hoping for better weather as the week goes.

What is the weather like where you are?

Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series

Take Care of Yourself

I’m getting a physical this month. I get one every year. It is easier to catch problems before they get bad than it is to deal with them when they are out of control. I still remember getting a lollipop if I was good at the doctor’s office. LOL

Do you get regular physicals?

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series

Deadline Indecision

Today is the last day I’m able to make changes to my latest release. For better or worse, Zombies in the Grass is ready to go. I have this indecision with every release. Do I have any last minute check to do? Did I spell zombies right? Do I want to go over it one more time? NO! It is time to move on to the next story.

No more indecision. Start plotting Ghostly Deceptions and Ghostly Perceptions!

Zombies in the Grass releases March 9th, 2021! Enjoy!!

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series

Edit, Format, Upload, Oh, my!

There is a lot more to being a writer these days, or at least, a self-published author. A book is edited. Then it is formatted for ebook and paperback. Then it is uploaded to the vendors.

Once it is up (live) it is a constant watching to make sure it is the price you set, the blurb you wrote (also formatted right), and a myriad of other things, all while writing the next book.

Most days, I’m happy I’m doing this. This has been my dream for a long time, but on days I’m formatting for paperback books; not so much.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Off to format some more!!

Jill James, romance author and self-published entrepreneur

Lots of Birthdays

February is a big birthday month in our family. My dad’s birthday was in February. My brother’s birthday is in February. My Uncle Johnny’s birthday was in February. A nephew has a birthday in February. The son’s girlfriend has a February birthday. Lots of birthdays!!

Do you have one month that has lots of birthdays or anniversaries in your family?

Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series

The End?

I was hoping to put The End on another book for this blog post, but I’ve got another chapter and a half or so to go. Then I can write The End on Zombies in the Grass, book 4 in the Time of Zombies series.

I was doing the Amazon Ads Challenge and although I learned a whole bunch, I only wrote 10k this week. So another day or so and the book will be done.

Zombies in the Grass is available on preorder and releases March 9th!!

She follows all the rules. He breaks as many as possible. Can they get on the same page in time to stop the zombie horde?

Zombies in the Grass


Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series