Time of Zombies series

I blogged on Tuesday that I’m working on the paranormal ghost series. I’m also working on the next book in the Time of Zombies series.

Zombies in the Grass will hopefully be out before summer.

It is Willa and Danny’s story. Willa Zara is in what is left of the U.S. army outside Sacramento, California. The army is the only life she knows and following orders is what she does. Danny Lopez is the Robin Hood of the foothills, stealing from the army base to feed his ragtag band of children.

When Willa learns what the army is really doing at the base she will have to turn to Danny and his gang to save innocent children wanted for science experiments. With her army skills and Danny’s ability to disappear they just might escape a danger far greater than zombies in the grass.

Book 1 – Love in the Time of Zombies
Book 2 – The Zombie Hunter’s Wife
Book 3 – A Time to Kill Zombies
Book 4 – Zombies in the Grass ~ coming soon.

Jill James, romance writer

Guest Blog Post – Mia Jo Celeste

otherthanpromo_Please welcome Mia Jo Celeste to the blog. She writes zombies too!!

Like Zombies? Take the Quiz and See What Kind You’ll Become

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Or Warm Bodies? Are you into zombies? Jill and I are. That’s partly how we connected. She’s written the Time of Zombies series and my novel Other Than has just been released. Both feature zombies. Jill’s protagonists hunt them, while my heroine has died and awoken somewhere between life and death. She’s a zombie. You can find the blurb at www. miaceleste.com, but currently, I’d like to talk those brain-craving, walking dead in general.

There are a lot of books about them right now and if you’re like me, you might be looking for a different take on the monsters. Here are a couple of interesting and unique zombie concepts. In The Forest of Hands and Teeth the cannibalistic undead can either be walkers or runners. My understanding is that the number of other zombies in the area when the human dies determines its speed after death. In the Zom-B series, the risen dead must file down their teeth to be able to speak clearly. Apparently, their teeth grow into thick fangs while their finger and toe bones poke out from digits to become claws. These once-living creatures divide themselves into two groups: the mindless dead and the Revitalized. The Reviveds, as the main character B. Smith labels herself, are teens who’ve been vaccinated against the plague in a secret government program. If fed enough brain matter, they can regain their pre-death intelligence.

Other Than has a unique spin on the human-stalking undead thing, too.

Although death is certain once an individual drinks the Waters of Immortality aka the Forever Bane waters, what kind of zombie a person will become is up for grabs. There are four possibilities. Often the personality and the habitual responses a person has when she was alive influence which zombie type she ‘ll become.

Would you like to take the quiz to determine which undead type you’d become? Grab a pencil and some paper, please. I wanted to make a quiz online, and I will soon, but for now, this is what I have. Write down your answer to these multiple-choice questions. After each question, I’ll give you the name of the zombie type most likely to choose that answer. Write down that name. At the end of the quiz, you’ll look at your responses and the names you’ve written. The name you’ve written the most is the type you’ll become.

Do you have your paper and pencils? Are you ready? Here we go.

You’re at a restaurant with your boss and you both want the special cheesecake dessert. Sadly, the waitress informs you they only have one piece left. She holds it out over the table and declares she’ll let you all decide who should have it. Your boss reaches for it.


  1. Stab her hand with your fork and grab the plate.
  2. Remind her she invited you and as the host should she should let you have it.
  3. Let your boss take it. After all, it’s extra pounds she’s adding. Better her figure expands than yours.
  4. What?

Response a= Howler, Response b= Sneak, Response c=Stitch, Response d= Shambler.)

You’re an American employee and the date is February 1st and your employer hasn’t mailed your 1099 forms for filing your taxes.

You ________

  1. Send a gently-worded e-mail reminder to your employer’s human resources department along with a brochure from your lawyer.
  2. Work? Taxes? Duh.
  3. Ambush the head of the human resources department after hours in the parking lot after determining the one area where the surveillance cameras don’t record.
  4. You map out the head of the human resources department’s route home. Someday soon, you’ll run him down. You buy a beater car, partly because you want to escape prosecution, but mostly because your current car has a too-die-for paint job and it would be a shame to mar that.

Response a =Sneak, Response b= Shambler, Response c= Howler, Response d= Stitch.)

You’re an avid gardener. You love growing tomatoes. The problem is the chipmunks, squirrels or rabbits chew on your plants.


  1. Huh?
  2. Construct a fence around your tomatoes.
  3. Decide to buy organic vegetables at the store instead. Who needs dirt under your nails? And too much sun on your skin isn’t good.
  4. Hide near the plants, hoping to snatch the next critter and bite its little head off.

Response a= Shambler, Response b= Sneak, Response c=Stitch, Response d =Howler.)

Your friend’s wealthy and eccentric great aunt dies, leaving him an old mansion in the middle of nowhere. He invites you to explore it. You’ve been there a few hours when an eerie howl comes from the cellar.

You ________

  1. Have just gotten your nails done. Volunteer to wait upstairs where the cell signal is strong to punch in 911 if he needs it.
  2. Put on the samurai armor and grab the antique katana you found earlier and follow him down.
  3. Cellar???
  4. Let out a battle cry and charge down the steps, confident that you can take whatever is down there.

Response a= Stitch, Response b= Sneak, Response c= Shambler, Response d= Howler.)

Reports of people biting others and a zombie plague fill the news reports. Your mom comes home from the store. She complains the woman at the deli nipped her finger.


  1. Hurry her into the kitchen where you cut off her finger. You may be able to save her.
  2. Wow, you could get infected or worse, Mom could bite you and that would mar your skin. Lock her in the neighbor’s bathroom. Just for a while. If she doesn’t turn, they’ll let her out, right?
  3. Get the ax and end things for your mom. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Hmm.

Response a= Sneak, Response b= Stitch, Response c =Howler =, Response d= Shambler.)

Okay, count the number of times you wrote each name. Hopefully you wrote one more than the others. There are four zombie types.

Stitches lose body parts, but their minds function normally. They are often preoccupied with their deteriorating appearance.

Shamblers’ brains decay long before the rest of them. They lose their speech. Their mental processing is flawed at best and they like to perform repetitive tasks. If you speak to them they’ll usually give you a vacant stare or ignore you completely.

Sneaks resemble living humans. They can think and act as they did before drinking the Bane. If you must become a zombie, this is the best category to fall into. Unfortunately, it’s temporary. Before long, you’ll degenerate and become one of the other three undead types.

Howlers are the alpha predators. They hunger for flesh to sustain their rotting bodies. The more human or even zombie prey they’re able to eat, the more cunning and intelligent they become.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the quiz. If you post, your result in the comments along with an e-mail address, I’ll send you the badge that corresponds with the zombie you’re likely to become.

If you’d like to find out more about Mia Jo or her novel Other Than, here are her links.

Facebook fb.me/ Mia.Jo.Celeste

Website http://www.miaceleste.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/MiajoCeleste










You can find Jill today at Mia’s blog

Enjoy walking with the dead!

May Newsletter coming!

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750A Time to Kill Zombies is on preorder, so no Look Inside! at vendors. 😦 So I included chapter 1 in last month’s newsletter. This month’s will include chapter 2 and is coming out soon so sign up to get the advance preview. Next month (June) is release month and will have chapter 3 in the newsletter. Enjoy!


Release Day is June 27th!!

Jill James, romance author

Super Zombie Sale!!

I’m celebrating the release of Book 2, The Zombie Hunter’s Wife  on October 26th, at the
Special Preorder Price of just 99¢, $3.99 regular price after release week,
by lowering the price of  Book 1, Love in the Time of Zombies to just 99¢ for the month of October.
So you can walk with the dead for less than $2 for two zombie books!!

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300


TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300


Jill James, fan of all things Zombie!!

Summer Wrap-Up

Baseball Equipment Laying on GrassHere in Northern California it will stay hot into October, but you can tell that summer is wrapping up and Fall is on its way with television programming and baseball. My team, the Oakland Athletics, will not be heading into post-season, so we only have a few more games this season. 😦



TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300It has been a productive season with a completed book (The Zombie Hunter’s Wife) on preorder. Releasing October 26th. Click on the cover to preorder today!!

I’m hard at work on a Christmas novella and thinking about the next zombie book.

Enjoy the end of summer and look forward to the seasons to come.


What is your favorite season?

Jill James, writer of romance

Are We There Yet?

How many times did you hear that on a road trip? Going back to when you were a kid, how many times did you say it? If you were told an hour, why did you ask again in 5 minutes? Does time move on a different scale if you are a minor?

TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300I thought I would have The Zombie Hunter’s Wife up for pre-order in June. Here it is, the end of July and I’m getting closer, but not there yet. The first book, Love in the Time of Zombies took 4 years to write. Why am I so impatient for this one to be done? Maybe because it is so much easier to write. Maybe because no matter how long it is in months, it is still light-years faster than Book 1. Maybe because I want this book out into the universe for people to find and read. But that is true of every book I write.

So, are we there yet? Not quite. But getting pretty darn close!

Jill James, writer of romance

Tops in the zombie genre

I’ve been on a ‘zombie apocalypse’ kick for a few years now. I love movies, tv shows, and books. Here are some of my faves:

dawn of the deadTop serious zombie movie: Dawn of the Dead
My favorite of the ‘of the Dead movies. It features a kickass heroine, Ana, played by Sarah Polley. That it takes place in a mall is just bonus points. The characters are well-defined and the seriousness of the situation is quite clear in the storyline.

zombielandTop funny zombie movie: Zombieland
If anyone can make the zombie apocalypse funny, it is Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisneberg. The whole idea of the rules of survival is awesome and so true-to-story. Added bonus of the appearance of Bill Murray.


walking dead

Top zombie television show: The Walking Dead
Like, duh!! This is some seriously good television. The writing is awesome, the actors are stellar, and the zombies rock!!


world war zTop serious zombie book: World War Z by Max Brooks
Brooks broke the mold with WWZ. This book and his survival guide should be must-read for any zombie fan. The movie was good by itself but nothing like the book. I have to get the audiobook!!


married with zombiesTop funny zombie book: Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
There is not a dull moment in this book or series. Sarah and Dave are a riot, dealing with marriage issues in the midst of the apocalypse. Petersen knows how to tickle a funny bone.


central outbreak responseTop new zombie author discovered: Central Outbreak Response: Genesis by RJ Kennett
Kennett is a new to me author and he had me from page 1 of COR: Genesis. It is both a homage to the zombie books that have gone before and a unique tale all its own at the same time. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel.

patient zeroTop zombie apocalypse hottie: Joe Ledger
In the zombie apocalypse, I want Joe Ledger protecting me! Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry was my intro of Joe Ledger, a man who gives new meaning to the term: hottie!! Getting the newest Joe Ledger book this week!


Do you have any zombie favorites?

Jill James, off to go work on Time of Zombies series, Book 2!

Poll on Zombies – Jill James

I’m working on my zombie romance, Love in the Time of Zombies, I love watching The Walking Dead, and I went and saw World War Z. I feel like I’ve read every zombie book out there. So the question is: shambling, original, slow zombies or fast, OMG, we are all going to die, zombies?

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Coming Soon!

Love in the Time of Zombies

Sneak Peek Sunday

Sneak Peek Sunday Banner

So, I signed up for Sneak Peek Sunday for the first time. I’m supposed to show off 6 paragraphs of a WIP and then send you back to see the rest. Jill

Love in the Time of Zombies by Jill James (coming in June)

Guess you just never know. Who would have thought something as terrible as the zombie apocalypse would bring me something as wonderful as Seth Ripley?

Of course, the zombies got Momma, and Daddy, and my husband, Carl. Pretty much, my whole family. Okay, my husband Carl was an asshole so he was no great loss. Never could keep it in his pants, if you know what I mean. If he could’ve kept it in his pants he might have kept that appendage all together. But, it was the early days of the Z mutation and how was he to know the hooker he took to the cheap, by-the-hour motel had the sickness? I’m sure he didn’t realize anything until the woman ripped it off. He never was a great one for paying attention during sex as it was.

Five years of him spreading it far and wide and all I was left with was a one-sheet police report and a blurred photo of Carl with one between the eyes. The police had stopped trying to take sickies to the hospital a couple of weeks before. By the time Carl was attacked it was kill ‘em, identify ‘em, and burn ‘em in a pile. K.I.B. was the order of the day. A few weeks more and they skipped the identify part of the acronym.

Six months later and the police were all gone, along with the military. Now it was survival of the fittest. Never in a million years would I have pictured myself; little, bored society wife, Emily Gray, in that category. Guess you never know.

Your day can start so shitty and end so . . . well, not great, because there weren’t too many great days anymore. There were get bitten by zombies days and not get bitten by zombies days. But this day would turn out better than most.

I got zombie patrol for the morning, which is so not my best time of the day. But zombies don’t have an off switch so we have to hunt first thing in the morning to clear a perimeter around the strip mall.

Now, back to the rest of Sneak Peek Sunday.  http://sneak-peek-sunday.blogspot.com/


LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance

The Next Big Thing by Jill James

My lovely, best friend Lee Lopez coerced nicely asked me to participate in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. She answered the questions below on her blog, www.leelopez.com and then tagged me to do the same and then name names. Hahahahaha! I’ve already done this once so I will answer the questions but I take the 5th on naming names!

1. What is the working title of your book or story? Love in the Time of Zombies.

2. What is a one-sentence synopsis of your book? Emily Gray found love and purpose the day the zombies came.

3. Where did the idea for the book come from? I’ve been on a zombie watching and reading kick for about 18 months now and I love The Walking Dead so I was thrilled to try my hand at a zombie urban fantasy.

4. What genre does your book fall under? urban fantasy and horror. If you want just zombies be warned; there is love and romance. If you want just romance be warned; there are ooey-gooey zombie parts.

5. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Alyssa Milano for Emily Gray. I like that she looks kickass and fragile at the same time. Alex O’Loughlin for Seth Ripley, the truck-driving poet. He is tough but sensitive.

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? self-published.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? It is taking about 4 months.

8. What other books would you compare this story to, within your genre? Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book? I’m loving all things zombie lately. I believe if you can find love in a world with flesh-eating zombies, renegade mobs, and a shortage of needed resources, how hard can it be to find true love in the real world?

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Although there is a big tale of the end of the world as we know it, at heart I’m a romance writer, so there will be a happily-ever-after.

If you would like to participate, take the 10 questions and post on your own blog. Come back and let us know where the blog post is so we can enjoy!!! 


LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance
coming soon, Love in the Time of Zombies

Love in the Time of Zombies by Jill James

Love in the Time of Zombies is coming soon.

I’ll be sending out an author newsletter this weekend with a sneak peek of another awesome cover by Elaina Lee of For The Muse Designs and an exclusive excerpt of the beginning of the zombie romance.

Sign up for the newsletter today. ——————->>>>>>>>>>>>

Thank you,

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance
and the upcoming Love in the Time of Zombies

The Excitement of the New Tale

There is always those moments of excitement when the story is brand-new in your mind. Your thoughts are of characters, scenes, GMC (goal, motivation, conflict), events, and the great happily-ever-after at the end.

Right now, my mind is occupied with zombies. I’m working on Love in the Time of Zombies. The characters are a former, neglected housewife; Emily Gray and a truck driving, poetry-sprouting hero; Seth Ripley. I love them and they so deserve the happily ever after, after what I’m putting them through.

As a reader, are you willing to go along for the roller coaster ride if you know there is a happy ending?

seth ripleyemily graySeth and Emily

Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance

Blog The Writer – Jonathan Maberry

I was watching a zombie special on the History Channel and discovered Jonathan Maberry. I decided to get his book, Patient Zero. OMG!! I was hooked from the first paragraph. I fell in love with Joe Ledger, his protagonist. I love zombie books but this was beyond just zombies. I zipped through that book, gobbled up The Dragon Factory (crying at the end of that one), and just got King of Plagues. I love the writing. It is simple and rich at the same time. Maberry is a storyteller extraordinaire.

I will definitely be reading all the adventures of Joe Ledger.

Jill James

Blog The Writer – Rhiannon Frater

I first saw Rhiannon Frater’s first book, The First Days on a Goodreads review. The reviewer loved the book except for the romance. Since I love zombie books and romance books I figured it was right up my alley. It was.

The book is female-centric and I loved the relationship between the two women; Katie and Jenni. They are as different from each other as characters can be. It plays really well in the book. Jenni is a battered housewife who sees her children killed in front of her and Katie is a lesbian who loses her wife to the zombies.

The next book in the series, Fighting to Survive is already on pre-order at Barnes & Noble. Can’t wait for it to ship. I think it will be a great series to have, read, and reread.

You can find Rhiannon at www.rhiannonfrater.com

Jill James

Feed – Mira Grant

I love zombie movies and zombie books. I had been hearing a lot online about Feed by Mira Grant. I’m so glad I picked up this book. The main part of the book takes place in Northern California and it was so awesome to read about Berkley, Santa Cruz, and Discovery Bay, all places I’m immensely familiar with.

I was surprised to find the book in Science Fiction. I really expected to find it in Young Adult. The main characters; George and her brother, Shaun, and their friend Buffy are young 20-somethings.

The reference to pop culture and the zombiemania as a whole were awesome.  I adore that George Romero and his movies are the savior of lots of people. How cool is that?!!

I loved how Ms. Grant used a slightly futuristic post-apocalyptic world to showcase our current world, politics, and government as banal and dangerous at the same time.

The world she imagined and brought to the page is all too real with bloggers being the news media to the world and zombies not even the most dangerous thing to fear in a world with regulations, guidelines, and endless blood testing to keep the public in fear and in check.

Definitely an A++ read and I already have the second book, Deadline, in the Newsflesh trilogy.

Jill James