Giving Thanks

Of course, we should give thanks every day for all of the people in our lives, our health, our bountiful riches, but sometimes we need a nudge, a reminder. For me, that is Thanksgiving. A day to sit with family and friends and reflect on all you have received in your life. Give thanks!

From my house to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American family and friends — Happy Thanksgiving. To my friends around the world — the end of the year is coming. A great time to reflect in your joys and sorrows, happiness and sadness, and wonders of the past year. What were your hopes and dreams for 2013? Did they happen? Can you still make them happen?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.



Post Holiday Blues — Jill James

Sometimes we build up a holiday into an impossible-to-achieve event. After it isn’t all you wished for you have a big letdown. Not this year. Thanksgiving was a wonderful day. We were all together with the added benefit of knowing Army son and his wife are coming for Christmas, my brother and his family might come, and we are hoping to sell our rental we inherited from my mom.

On a personal note, I typed “The End” on my latest WIP, Defend My Love. I adore the characters and the story and I can’t wait to edit, format, and publish. After that is up I will be starting work on Love in the Time of Zombies and plotting my next series, The Single Mommies Club. And maybe a short story for St. Valentine’s Day.

And, ten years ago today we welcomed Brainy Grandson into our family.



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Happy Thanksgiving

I enjoy Thanksgiving very much. a)I don’t cook b)I know Christmas is coming.

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law do most of the cooking. Our house has Christmas Day dinner. So we take sodas, pies (Costco), and chips and dips. I enjoy the time of sitting in the kitchen, the guys in with the tv and football, and talking about the year just past and the one coming up. How much the boys have grown and what does everyone want for Christmas.

The rest of my family is at Ft. Hood Texas (son, Pvt. Tim) and San Diego (brother, sister-in-law, niece, and soon to be born nephew) That is it. It is me and husband’s family for Thanksgiving. We don’t even have grandson and daughter this year, they will be in Disneyland.

I think it will be a quiet year this Thanksgiving. Our nephew the only child and a few less people, and thinking about those not there and those not here anymore.

I am thankful for all I have, all the ones I love, and all those who have touched my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jill James

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is only once a year — I hate turkey.  I’m thankful the dinner is at my sister-in-law’s house so I don’t have to cook the turkey I don’t like.

I’m thankful for my family. We were all just at Disneyland and it was amazing to be with everyone!!!

I’m thankful for my friends. They are the best and believe in me so much that I start to believe in myself.

I’m thankful this year for all the blessings I have received. Our daughter is once again out on her own. Our grandson is happy and healthy and soooo smart. Our son is maturing and finding his way.  My husband is the best man in the world and I am so thankful for every day I get to spend with him.

Jill James —– Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

At the Speed of Light

thanksgivingThis year seems to be whooshing by at the speed of light. It was just summer and we were melting here in Northern California. Whoosh!! It is almost Thanksgiving.

In our household the Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving so we usually are all done Christmas shopping by now and the presents are all wrapped and ready to go under the tree. We were so behind we had one Christmas present purchased. So Saturday we went Christmas shopping and now we are 90% there. The only thing left is a trip to the toy store for the children in our family.

You have not been Christmas shopping until you’ve gone with my husband.  We spent one hour in Penney’s and had almost everyone’s present.  He’ll grab a shirt, looks like Uncle Tom, grab pants, looks like Tim, grab a sweater, looks like Grandma…..done here. LOL

He has no patience to spend a day out shopping, looking in windows, maybe stop for some lunch. He just wants it done and over. But, if I went by myself it would probably take weeks so we compromise. Ahh, the joys of marriage.

Jill James