Have you read a book and found a dedication page or acknowledgements page and wondered, who are these people? That is where we thank the people who made our writing possible; family, friends, editors, and such. But what if you haven’t read one of my books? I still want people to know the important people in my writing world. In the tradition of giving thanks this time of year…

lauren-ovalI would like to thank Lauren Royal

Way back in the Internet stone age…1995-2000, give or take, our Internet Provider was Prodigy. It was a very friendly service and formed groups of your interests; writing, genealogy, hobbies, etc. Back then I belonged to Prodigy RWG or Romance Writing Groups. The moderators took 2 published authors and paired them with 2 or 3 unpublished authors, kind of like a mentoring group. But we became so much more than that. We became friends. One of the authors we were paired with was Lauren Royal, historical romance author extraordinaire. If not for Lauren I never would have learned about RWA (Romance Writers of America). She was the one to tell me of the organization and that I should join. She saw my very first ramblings and encouraged me to continue. She helped me in more ways than she can possibly know. So to her and all the other mentors out there who give of their time and patience for the love of the art…Thank You!!!

Jill James, published author because of lots of help!!

Spring Bling Fling – Wrapup day

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog during the Spring Bling Fling.

Yesterday’s question – Unfortunately false. When I watched Neil Armstrong step onto the surface of the moon on television I knew there was one thing I wanted to be – the first woman astronaut. Although that opportunity has passed me by, along with colonizing the moon or Mars, I still yearn for new and exciting places – hence I’m now a writer and can go distant places any time I sit down at my computer keyboard.

Winners of the bangle bracelets are: Beth Yarnall and Laura Kaye

Ladies, please send your snail mail address to jill@jilljameswrites.com and I will get them out to you.

Thank you everyone for playing….Jill