a cup is just a cup.

coffee cup

I was trying to decide which Internet hubbabaloo would be the least controversial. Nope, couldn’t find one. So I settled for the Starbucks red cup. I do not see it as a war on Christmas. I do not see it as nothing either. What I do see, is that someone will be upset by something daily. That is the society we have become–a society that must invent indignation, as if there isn’t enough wrong in the world to find something to really be mad and passionate about. So Starbucks chose a plain, red cup so as to not upset anyone and instead managed to upset everyone. LOL

As Joanne Nosuchinsky said on Red Eye: (paraphrasing) “I choose to see it as a blank canvas to draw whatever holiday or Christmas thing I want on it.” So, I’m off to Starbucks for my ridiculously expensive coffee (which is a rant for another day) in a plain red cup with Sharpie in hand to decorate it however I want.

(Starbucks actual red cup not shown due to copyright issues which I as an author truly believe in.)