The Lull Between Projects

I just finished turning in Sugar Sprinkled Memories for the boxed set with the Authors of Main Street. Now comes the lull as I rest a little when I finish a book. Refill the well. Rejuvenate the creative juices. Get to know the characters in the next book.

Then I piddle around a little bit deciding what to work on next. I have 3 books I will work on this fall/winter; Zombies in the Grass, Book 4 of the Time of Zombies series, Ghostly Deceptions, Book 2 of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series, Ghostly Perceptions, Book 3 of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series.

I also have some other stories I’m percolating. An erotic romance with a sex android. A horror with spree killers. A romantic suspense with an FBI team. And many more. Ideas I have plenty. The ability to put butt in chair, hands on keyboard–not as much. But I’m getting better at it.

So, I’ll enjoy the lull and put 1,000 words on this story and 2,000 on that story until my mind settles on one and I get into the zone. (fingers crossed)

Coming Soon! Christmas boxed set with the Authors of Main Street, including Sugar Sprinkled Memories.

Jill James, romance writer

Did you know?

May is Zombie Awareness Month

Hi, folks. Jill James here in Reno, Nevada. In our neck of the woods, and I’m sure yours too, spring has sprung. Denver, you luck out, still cold and snowing for a little bit more. So you know what that means for most of us.

The zombs are thawing out and walking around again. So, be on the lookout for the undead digging themselves out of the mucky, semi-frozen tundra.

To help you deal with the zombie apocalypse in your neighborhood I’ve joined with a great group of zompoc authors to give you some free instruction manuals…umm books, I meant books, set in the zombie apocalypse.

Just head over to Zombie Awareness Month at Bookfunnel and get some awesome books to help you fight the undead.

I’ve included my short story, Rogue Vantage. If you read my Time of Zombies series it would be book 1.5, between Love in the Time of Zombies and The Zombie Hunter’s Wife. It is the story of four little boys and how surviving the zombie apocalypse makes them brothers.

You can also go HERE to get the books of the Time of Zombies series.


Enjoy a walk with the undead….Jill James

Summer/Winter Sale @ Smashwords

Each year Smashwords has a summer sale, but because on the other side of the world it is winter, it is a summer/winter sale. This year I have reduced 3 of my books to free so readers can try me out.



Click on titles to go to Smashwords page. Enjoy!!

Dangerous Shift – paranormal romance – gender shifters – heat level 4

Love in the Time of Zombies – zompoc romance – zombie apocalypse – heat level 3

The Lake Willowbee Seriesย – contemporary romance – 3 novellas in 1 boxed set – heat level 3

Enjoy the summer/winter reading, Jill James

Recent Read

Just finished Wave of Terror by Jon Jefferson. It had action. It had adventure. It had romance. And best of all…it had Princess Bride movie references!

To be honest, it did start a little slow, but once it got going it was a non-stop, thrill ride of a read. Megan is a spunky heroine in the best way. She lets nothing stop her from getting to the truth and getting the truth to the right people. Chip is great as an FBI agent and a hero for Megan to have join in her adventure.

A solid 4 star read!!

Bonus: After I finished the story I discovered that Jefferson also writes books about The Body Farm. As soon as I finished Wave of Terror I went and downloaded The Body Farm series, book 1.

Jill James, romance writer and avid reader.

Time is Running Out – Please nominate now!

Just letting everyone know that Ghostly Intentions is still in Kindle Scout with just two weeks left to get nominations. If you nominate me and it gets picked for publication — you get a free book!!

Super Easy! Just go HERE and nominate my paranormal romance Ghostly Intentions! It is super hot and sexy. Think ghost hunting with sex and romance. A touch of dark evil and true love!!

Thanks!! Jill James, romance author

Nanowrimo – wrap-up

Well, November is gone, along with Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). I didn’t ‘win’ with 50k for the month, but I did finish with close to 30k. A win in my book. More words at the end of the month than the beginning of the month is a win/win situation.

Now that December is here, I will continue on with the ghost stories. Hoping to start the new year by being close to putting the Ghost Releasers Inc. series out into the world.

Jill James, romance author

Writing Space

Authors love their writing spaces. Some like organized chaos and some just like organized.

I love going to Barnes & Noble and writing. There is something about getting out of the house and sitting there among the thousands of books. It is inspiring to know somewhere a writer sat and pounded out words and they got published and now their books are on the shelves for me to look at and choose. I love being an Indie author but you can’t really sit around a website. LOL

Where is your favorite place to write and read?

Jill James, romance writer and reader

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

You’ve heard that saying, right?! The few ruin things for the many. Someone tries to do something nice and someone takes advantage of it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Now it has hit the Little Free Libraries.

The Tragedy of the Commons Has Now Come to Little Free Libraries


Do you have a Little Free Library by you? Do you use it?

I searched my town but the nearest one is a couple of cities away.

Jill James, romance reader and writer


I love this hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. Let the Tweetverse and Facebook peeps know what you are working on. For non-authors, there is #amreading to share a good book you are reading.

#amwriting A Time to Kill Zombies which is Lila and Jack’s story. Secret project which may or may not be a romantic suspense.

#amreading Alone In The Dark by Karen Rose.

What are you reading or writing?

Jill James, romance writer and reader


Banned Books Week 2015

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association

As a writer of words I take Banned Books Week very seriously. I don’t believe any book should ever be banned. The readers will speak with their wallets and reading habits if a book is not to their taste. I love romance novels. Some people have called them mommy porn. I believe they have entertainment value. I believe in happily-ever-after. Romance is the celebration of finding that “one” true love. If you’ve found yours, you will recognize the struggle to find and keep them. If you’ve been unlucky in love, a romance novel can show you it can happen for anyone at anytime.

Many books have been on the Banned Book List. I’ve read most of them. Sometimes, just because they were on the list. ๐Ÿ™‚

Read a book! Even better, read a Banned Book!!

Jill James, writer of words, believer of happily-ever-after

Another One Bites The Dust.

readingEbooks definitely don’t seem to want to be in subscription services as Oyster gets ready to close its doors. Also interestingly, their employees are headed to Google Play. Could we see a subscription model popping up there?

Recently, Scribd removed most/all of its romance titles as apparently (meaning everyone but Scribd knew) romance readers are voracious readers. Duh!! Some romance readers devour 4-5 books a week. For an average of $10 a month for services, romance readers are getting to enjoy a buffet.

Unless something miraculous happens, Amazon Kindle Unlimited may be the last one standing.

Never a dull moment in the publishing world!!

Jill James, writer of romance
The Zombie Hunter’s Wife – 10-26-2015

eBooks are changing the way we read.

typingOr so the article says. I have noticed that I have trouble remembering authors names when I read an eBook. I believe it is because the title and name aren’t staring me in the eye from every page I read like in a paperback. I wish there was a way to change that; for my own reading and for the books I write.

Jill James, writer of romance
The Zombie Hunter’s Wife available for preorder at most online vendors!

Happy Anniversary to Me!

This week I’ll be celebrating 27 years of marriage to the most wonderful man in the world. This past week he took me to Reno for an anniversary trip. We hadn’t been in quite a while, so it was lots of fun.

Photos are on the photo page. Click and scroll down to the end.

Today is husband’s birthday and Thursday is our anniversary. Hope your week is exciting too!!

Jill James, contemporary, paranormal, and urban fantasy romance writer
Coming Soon! Zombie book #2 – The Zombie Hunter’s Wife

Work in Progress

Or WIP as it is used in a writer’s world. Right now I’m in the middle of zombie book #2. The zombie apocalypse books were outside my comfort zone to write in two ways.

First, they are romance novels through and through, but there are many ooey, gooey zombie parts. hahaha (pun intended)

DSC01976Second, they have a large cast of heroes, heroines, villains, and survivors. So I decided to use index cards and a divided cardboard backer to keep track of people and some basic info like hair and eye color and how they are related. When I moved on to book #2 I got rid of those who had died (R.I.P.) or not, if they were a villain and I grouped people by who they would hook up with in this current book. Have some interesting match-ups that I had not planned. ๐Ÿ™‚

*If you are a writer, do you have some organizational tips to share?

*If you are a reader, do you like a close, couple of people, intimate story or a broad, action/adventure, cast of thousands? (LOL)

Jill James, writer of romance (even in the zombie apocalypse)
Book #2 Title Reveal coming soon to my newsletter subscribers!!

Summer is here!!

sun clip artIn Northern California summer hits with a vengeance. Last week it was 74, this week it is 104. For a girl who loves Spring and Autumn, I live in the wrong spot. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have two seasons; Hot and Dry, which in this drought is very hot and very dry, and Wet and Cold, which we did not get enough of this year. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It seems like the people who need rain get none and the people who’ve had enough rain can’t get it to stop. It would be so nice if it just stayed a nice temperature, easy breeze, some rain for plants, some sun for people.

What is your ideal season or type of weather?

Jill James, writer of romance
Time of Zombies, Book 2, coming soon!!
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3 Reasons I Love Self-Publishing

  1. I can write and publish at my own speed; whether that is fast or slow. I have no deadlines except for the ones I set myself.
  2. I am running my own small business. All the decisions are mine. All the benefits are mine, alas all the responsibilities and failures are mine as well.
  3. I am discovering the most amazing self-published authors. Bobby Adair, RJ Kennett, among many others. I’ve discovered some duds too, but that happens in traditional publishing as well.

Have you discovered any amazing self-published books and authors?

ย JLogoColorNoTextill James, writer of romance and owner of Gray Sweater Press
Coming Soon! Time of Zombies, Book 2