Teaser — Book #3

I’m also working on a zombie book. #4 in the Time of Zombies series; Zombies in the Grass.

The heroine is Willa Zara, a soldier in what is left of the U.S. Army and hero Danny Lopez, the Robin Hood of the Sierra Nevada foothills with a band of children he is saving from conscription into the army.

Chapter 1

Captain’s Log

Summer 0002 A.Z. (After Zombies)

Camp Natomas, California 

1300 hours. Last circuit of camp done for morning rounds. Three altercations stopped. One over water rations and two over fraternization with camp population. Pvt. Williams sent to Isolation bunker for instigating the incident. Captain Willa Zara

I threw my pen down, wincing as it broke, ink spattering across the table. At least it was blue, and not the red splattered over the sidewalk in the last fight this morning. The two privates had been arguing over the services of one of the civilian women. Right?! Why couldn’t they call it what it was—rape? The men were using the holding camp as their own personal brothel. Reports to the higher-ups were being ignored, or I feared, the behavior condoned to keep the men in the forced service.

“Captain Zara?” a voice whispered at my open door. “There are new arrivals at the gates.”

“Orders are to turn all refugees away, send them to Sacramento,” I replied, not bothering to turn around in my chair. I’d told Private Solares enough times for her to remember.

“This group is being escorted by our guys.”

Slamming my chair under the desk, I grabbed my cap and followed the teenaged soldier to the front gates. I skidded to a stop. These weren’t refugees. They were too well-fed and clean for one, even the small children. They looked like a road trip from before the virus. For the other, defiance shone in their eyes. They hadn’t been brought willingly to the camp. These were holdouts, defying the Governor’s Orders. Even in our far outpost we’d heard of the rebels on the river, encamped in an old hotel. They’d held out against the army for over eighteen months.

A tall man in army-issue camouflage stood in the front of the group. Anyone could get camo gear these days from army surplus and sporting goods stores, but this man wore his like a badge of honor. Along with the buzz-cut and ramrod stance, he screamed career army.

I pressed my arm to my side, two seconds away from saluting him. Until I got the lay of the land, so to speak, he was a prisoner of war.

I sighed deeply. We could use someone like him, but they were being brought in as hostiles. The delta region had been swept clean, down the river, and through every small slough, and only the microscopic town of Ryde had managed to fend off the radio orders for over a year to join the army or die. My heart fell to the pit of my stomach, bile roiling. Too much killing. Too much everything. We had to make him, and his group fall in line. With the lack of grown soldiers under my command, I didn’t have a choice. Our numbers stood two to one for forced versus enlisted from the before time. More disgruntled rumblings and we would fall apart on our own, without an incursion of the undead.

“Commander Jack Canida,” the man barked as a line formed to process them in.

If you’ve read the rest of the Time of Zombies series you will remember Commander Jack and his band of survivors. If not, get started with book #1, Love in the Time of Zombies.


3 Meals Away

“No society is more than three meals away from anarchy.”  – author unknown

I’ve always used this quote as the basis of my zompoc romance novels. The speed that society would deteriorate if it fell apart is light speed. A few missed meals and the collapse of government and the masses would revolt. It would be every man/woman/child for themselves.

I enjoy movies and books that show it wouldn’t take much to bring us to “survival of the fittest.” I think this is why I love zombie shows and movies. When it comes down to it, I don’t need to outrun the zombie, I just need to outrun the guy next to me. We all have the barbarian inside of us, it just takes the right situation to bring it out.

At the end of the world as we know it, I’m protecting myself, my family, and my home. Because I’m damned sure, everyone else is doing the same.

Walk with the dead, Jill James


Win a Zombie Survival Kit!!

Do you think you could survive the zombie apocalypse? Here is a kit to up your odds of survival. With a group of zombie authors, we are having a contest for a chance to win this awesome kit!!

Just go HERE! Enter to win the items above! (I love my copy of The Zombie Survival Guide)

Then come back here to tell me how you think you would fare during TEOTWAWKI.
(The End Of The World As We Know It)

I will choose 3 commenters from the comments to receive an audiobook copy of my zompoc romance, Love in the Time of Zombies – Book 1 of the Time of Zombies series

Walk with the Dead, Jill James

Time of Zombies

Yay, Summer!! Yay, move is done for now!!

It has been a busy summer for me so far. I’m no longer a Cali girl. 😦 I’m now in an apartment in Reno, Nevada waiting for a house to be built. (adventure)

So, I thought I would do a little something with my zombies series. Love in the Time of Zombies is FREE right now at Smashwords!! They are having their Summer/Winter sale, because summer here is winter elsewhere, but a sale is a sale.

Get Love in the Time of Zombies here!




Then you can go to Bookfunnel and get Time of Zombies 1.5 for FREE! Rogue Vantage is a standalone book that can be read between Love in the Time of Zombies and The Zombie Hunter’s Wife to enhance the Time of Zombies series. It is the story of four little boys left on their own in the zombie apocalypse and how they become brothers of the ZA.

You can get Rogue Vantage here!

Hope you enjoy a good start to the Time of Zombies by Jill James!!

What are you doing this summer? Big vacation plans? A staycation? Or something else fun?

Jill James, writer of romance

Writing Prompts

The recent Oscars reminded me of a writing prompt we used to use to get the creative juices flowing in one of my RWA (Romance Writers of America) chapters. During the Oscars they showed three short films based on Walmart receipts. The ultimate What if? game. So let’s see how you do with a writing exercise. Put your work in the comments.

Take the seven words below and use them in a paragraph or two. For bonus points use them in order.

thezombiehunterswifeaudio-500x500I’ll randomly pick a writing prompt attempt from the comments to win an audio book copy of Love in the Time of Zombies, my zompoc romance. Book 2 is almost done being recorded and checked and Book 3 is just getting started. All should be available soon as audio books!



Have fun. Be inventive. Enjoy!

Jill James, romance author

Never say never Part 2

About six months ago I wrote a post on Authors of Main Street about never saying never. I said I would never write a romance novel with a kid in it. Not only did Defend My Love have a kid but she had a main role in the story. I said I would never write a book in 1st person and I wrote Love in the Time of Zombies in first person and it is my best selling book to date. I said I would never volunteer in the writing world and I volunteer all over the place. My wallflower self has been kicked to the curb.

Recently I got to say never again and I mean it. I’m a linear writer. I start with Once upon a time… and finish up with …and they lived happily ever after. I do not write chapters out of order. But when I started writing A Time to Kill Zombies I knew I would have to do just that. I had four groups of survivors who were at different places and different timelines in the story. So I wrote it like:

Jack and Lila chapter 1
Jack and Lila chapter 2
Selena chapter 1
Selena chapter 2
Paul, Suz, and Josh chapter 1
Paul, Suz, and Josh chapter 2
Cody, Ran, and April chapter 1
Cody, Ran, and April chapter 2

and so on.

The writing was much easier that way. Putting it all together once it was written…not so much! A headache and a half. It was great to do the experiment but definitely a never again. (I mean it. Maybe. LOL)

Do you write in order or do you write wherever the whim takes you?

Readers: Do you read in order or skip around? Or heaven forbid, read the end first? 😮

Jill James, romance writer

ATimetoKillZombies 500x750A Time to Kill Zombies now live!!

Available at most online vendors
and coming soon in paperback.

Judge a Book By Its Cover Contest

I don’t enter a lot of contests, but I love the JABBIC Contest and entered this year with Love in the Time of Zombies. I would love your vote, Elaina Lee of For The Muse Designs did a wonderful cover. I’m in SF/F/P category.

The JABBIC Readers’ Choice (that’s Judge A Book By Its Cover) is open to the public.

The JABBIC bookseller judges have had their say. Now it’s time for you to have yours.

Fire up your laptop, tablet, or phone and browse to the JABBIC Readers Choice page to start logging your votes. It’s easy and fast–and anonymous. (But you probably want to be on a broadband connection. We load up all the entries in each category on a single page.)

Just click the genre category at the top and prepare to be wowed. Don’t be shy. If you love a cover, give it a 5. If it doesn’t quite turn you on, score it as a 1.

This contest is great if you’re trying to figure out what makes an appealing cover since it is judged by booksellers who probably see thousands of covers every year. Their winners will be announced after the public has voted.

The Readers’ Choice judging will be open until midnight, February 12.

Thanks, Jill James, romance author

4 days and counting!

That is how long to my newest release! Book 2 in the Time of Zombies series.

TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300

The Zombie Hunter’s Wife – Michelle and Teddy’s story

Click HERE to go to the Books page to get an excerpt and the links to vendors.

I’m working on Rogue Vantage – a Time of Zombies short story that will only be available to newsletter subscribers. Click HERE to get the Jill James News for new releases and FREE books!!

Walk with the dead, Jill James

Super Zombie Sale!!

I’m celebrating the release of Book 2, The Zombie Hunter’s Wife  on October 26th, at the
Special Preorder Price of just 99¢, $3.99 regular price after release week,
by lowering the price of  Book 1, Love in the Time of Zombies to just 99¢ for the month of October.
So you can walk with the dead for less than $2 for two zombie books!!

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300


TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300


Jill James, fan of all things Zombie!!

Are We There Yet?

How many times did you hear that on a road trip? Going back to when you were a kid, how many times did you say it? If you were told an hour, why did you ask again in 5 minutes? Does time move on a different scale if you are a minor?

TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300I thought I would have The Zombie Hunter’s Wife up for pre-order in June. Here it is, the end of July and I’m getting closer, but not there yet. The first book, Love in the Time of Zombies took 4 years to write. Why am I so impatient for this one to be done? Maybe because it is so much easier to write. Maybe because no matter how long it is in months, it is still light-years faster than Book 1. Maybe because I want this book out into the universe for people to find and read. But that is true of every book I write.

So, are we there yet? Not quite. But getting pretty darn close!

Jill James, writer of romance

Cover Expectations

TheZombieHuntersWife 200x300Last week I did a cover reveal for The Zombie Hunter’s Wife here and in my newsletter. This week I was on a loop talking about the cover meeting the expectations of the characters inside. Some people like the backs of people or with heads cut off. I do not. I love having the characters on the cover to look at and imagine their stories.

The Zombie Hunter’s Wife is Teddy and Michelle’s story. Michelle wasn’t really “seen” a lot in Love in the Time of Zombies other than dark hair, dark eyes, and petite, but Teddy was mentioned as an enormous black man, Oakland Raiders football linebacker big. On the cover, not so much! LOL As an author, and especially an Indie author we have to go with what we can get and that means usually stock photos unless you are willing to shell out some money for a photo shoot. Until I started looking for a cover couple I was not aware how hard it was to find a black male/white female couple for a cover on the stock photo sites. That is another argument for another blog post.

I love the couple I found for the cover. They set the scene well of a post-apocalyptic couple and the background is awesome (Elaina Lee is an artist), but it was hard to let go of the idea of finding a “Teddy” for the cover.

Do you as a reader get upset if the cover couple doesn’t sync with the description of the couple inside the book?

Jill James, writer of romance
The Zombie Hunter’s Wife – coming soon!

MLB – Opening Day 2015

Baseball Equipment Laying on GrassBaseball!!! I love Opening Day. The season is new, the possibilities for greatness are infinite. Anything can happen. Any team could go all the way to the World Series. On Opening Day everyone starts with a clean slate.

I feel that way every time I start a new book and every time I publish it and put it out into the world. Anything is possible. Any book could be a best seller–even if it is only a best seller among all my other books. 🙂 Love in the Time of Zombies is doing great and I want to thank each and every person who bought a copy. I hope you enjoyed my view of the zombie apocalypse.

I’ve enjoyed the ZA so much. hahahaha Now I am working on Book 2, Michelle and Teddy’s story. If you’ve read LITTOZ you know who they are, if you haven’t yet, check it out and find out who they are!!

Hopefully Spring has sprung wherever you are and you can enjoy the new season and the fresh start of growth, warmth, and renewal.

Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance


The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale

walking deadI love The Walking Dead. The writing is superb, the acting is stellar, and the zombies are ooey, gooey. LOL

Sunday was the season finale. The census on the loops and boards seemed to be 50/50 of whether it lived up to the hype or not. I enjoyed it a lot. I would have liked more zombie kills and maybe one or two (important) people dying. But the idea of ‘what does it take to survive the ZA’? was well-answered. Some people don’t deserve to live.

The episode also had a teaser of Fear the Walking Dead, this summer’s spinoff of TWD. It will show the beginnings of the virus that caused it all with a whole new cast in Los Angeles. Since Rick (the POV guy) for TWD was in a coma during the beginning, now we will get to see what it was like in the scary first days.

If you are missing zombies and all, why don’t you read Love in the Time of Zombies , prep for the ZA, and know that I’m working on Book 2, The Zombie-Hunter’s Wife.

Walk with the dead, Jill James

Thank you for the zombie love!

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300

Thank you so much for the readers who have embraced Love in the Time of Zombies, a romance novel set in the zombie apocalypse. I hope everyone has enjoyed Seth and Emily’s story and are looking forward to Teddy and Michelle’s. (they will be book 2 in the series)

Yes, the paperback version is coming soon. Probably this week or next. One more copy to proof and then I can set it to sale.

Enjoy walking with the dead, Jill James

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