First Sentences

A few years ago my friend, Karin Tabke, author of The Chronicles of Katrina*, had a First Sentences contest on her website. You put a first sentence. If you made the cut, the next week you put up a second sentence with the first, and so on, until a winner was picked. It really showcased the need for a compelling first sentence and to make every sentence count. Especially when I was trying to get an agent or editor and you heard they would read 2-3 paragraphs and they knew whether they wanted a manuscript or not. You have to hook them and keep them hooked.

I’m working on a book right now that I’m hoping to submit to Kindle Scout, a program within Amazon. Things sometimes change in revising and editing but this is my first sentence right now. Ghostly Intentions is a paranormal romance with Megan, a haunted widow and Jack, the man in charge of Ghost Releasers, Inc.

Megan Trent jerked out of a deep sleep to the cacophony of her clock radio turning on and off in a rapid beat of white noise and eerie silence.

Submit your first sentences in the comments and a link to your book if it is published, or to your website if not.

Let’s see those first sentences!!

Jill James, romance author

*The Chronicles of Katrina and all of Karin Tabke’s books are uber-hot and sexy, with strong women and the bad boys they love.

Master of Craving

cravingHave you ever wanted something so much you thought you would die without it, but know you can’t have it? Karin Tabke follows this luscious thought with her latest book, Master of Craving. 

Stefan de Valrey craves the one thing he can’t have — Arianhod, a Welsh princess.


They must fight their attraction to each other at every turn. Stephen must use Arian as a bargaining chip to rescue his brothers in arms, the Blood Sword knights. Arian must stay pure to wed with her betrothed husband.
Ms. Tabke brings medievel England and Wales to life with the third book of her Blood Sword Legacy. 


Jill James     

Master of Craving


Karin Tabke’s latest in the Blood Sword Legacy, Master of Craving is due in bookstores May 26th.

The latest Blood Sword Legacy (see MASTER OF TORMENT and MASTER OF SURRENDER) is an amazing Conqueror romance with two obvious enemies falling in love.

Ms. Tabke tells an awesome historical tale and won’t disappoint lovers of history and lovers of historical romance.

Jill James

Flip Dictionary

Flip Dictionary


Thanks go out to Karin Tabke for telling our Black Diamond RWA chapter about the Flip Dictionary.  I ordered mine and got it in two days.  I’ve been checking it out ever since.  It is amazing.  Unlike a regular dictionary, the Flip Dictionary doesn’t require you to know how to spell the word you are looking for.  You can look up things based on subject or other ways.  For example: say you want to know what the tall pole is in the middle of a ship. You look up parts of a ship and find the mast and all the other parts. I love it.

Jill James