Indie Author Day 2016


Saturday, October 8th is Indie Author Day.

I’m a proud Indie author. I love being the CEO of my own publishing company of 1!! Being an indie author requires being not only a writer but a marketer also. Along with art approval and editorial management and a host of other things.

But it is fun…sometimes. Some days, not so much.

Support an Indie author! Buy Indie books!

Jill James, Indie author and romance writer

13 reasons you’re not as successful an author as you should be — Jim Kukral

Indie Recon 2015 was last week. I watched and listened to a bunch of amazing authors, book designers, and industry people, but this video/speech by Jim Kukral resonated the clearest. I think many people are guilty of a few of these reasons. A couple hit close to home for me as well. Enjoy!

Jill James, contemporary and paranormal romance author
off to go write the next book and to NOT play Candy Crush Saga. LOL

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Now available in eBook and paperback!

Excerpt – Love in the Time of Zombies by Jill James

Below is an unedited excerpt of my current w.i.p. Love in the Time of Zombies. This book has been the most difficult I’ve written. It is my first time in 1st person POV. It has been a difficult time in my life. It has become a much bigger story than I originally planned. I’ve also decided to do something different with this release. When it is done and I’m trying for a few quotes from some authors I will put it on pre-order via Smashwords to Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo. They are doing that now and I think I’ll give it a try. With Indie publishing I think you have to try everything at least once to see what does and doesn’t work.

Emily Gray is off for a day of zombie hunting. Enjoy!

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Unedited Excerpt of Love in the Time of Zombies by Jill James

We go out in a group of eight. A team of two in each direction on the map; north, south, east, and west. Nick and I have south for the day. It’s my favorite. We can walk straight down the old bypass with Mt. Diablo on our right. For the first few miles, the cars have been cleared and you can see for a good distance. Last week a fire whipped through the hills around us so the stubble is short, burned, with nowhere to hide.

The pop of gunfire starts as the spotters on the corners take out the undead outside the perimeter of the mall. Nick and I check out the area when the popping stops. Spotting no one, dead or alive, we shimmy down the rope ladder that will be pulled up as soon as we are clear. I’ve been doing this for months now and my heart still stops beating when we jump down and the ladder is pulled up.

I stand by the containers stacked to make temporary walls on what was the road into the interior of the shopping center. Putting the binoculars up to my eyes, I turn in a semi-circle to scope out the area. The teams from the shopping center across the road are starting their morning too. The faint pop-pop of rifles carry across.

Once Nick is down, I try to look elsewhere as the ladder is pulled up. I close my eyes and clutch my lucky necklace in my fist. The metal edge bites into my palm and reassures me by its very existence. The necklace was a thirteenth birthday present from my parents. The center is a fifty-cent piece minted in my birth year 1990, inserted into a fancy, silver filigree setting. It is never off my body. I sleep and shower with it.

We trek across a field to the broken asphalt of the Highway 4 Bypass. The first time we went this way, Nick told me of the grand plans and tax dollars used for a new road, but the economy didn’t just not bounce back from the recession, it sunk into a depression that made the former Great Depression look like a temporary dip in the Dow Jones Index. I’d been oblivious in San Francisco. Carl had come from money and I guess the city was better off to start with than the outlying East Bay. The zombie apocalypse was a great equalizer. Money was worthless and your skills put food on the table, clothes on your back, and a canvas roof, at least, over your head.

Love in the Time of Zombies is coming soon!

Clean Office

I love looking around at my clean office. It is a sign that one book is done and published and another one is starting. That’s where I’m at right now. Books 1 and 2 are up and doing well at all vendors. Okay, doing better at some than others. Thanks

Book 3 is in progress. A Family Again is a great story (I do think) Megan Kirby is unfairly sent to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. She is forced from her husband and new-born baby. After four years she is released to go back home. To a husband she feels like she doesn’t know and a daughter she has never seen, except in photos.

Once this book is done and published I hope to bundle the three stories together as one boxed set; Second Chances and to put them out as a paperback through Createspace.

And then back to the clean office for the next adventure in Writerland.

Jill James

Going International

One of the most amazing thrills is seeing your book selling in other countries. Via Smashwords I have sales to the Netherlands and now via I have sales in Germany. How cool is that?!

I was thrilled to see my first few sales when I first put my book out by self-publishing. Now I am seeing people on the other side of the world purchasing my book. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how thrilling that would be. These aren’t people I know, they just saw my book, or Tweet, or Facebook page and decided to try my writing.

I sit here in awe of the power of writing and reaching readers across the entire planet. The world has changed so much since I wrote The Runaway Chevrolet in the fifth grade with paper and pencil, and my first attempts on an old Royal typewriter, and nothing shows that more than a sale on or Amazon.UK. The wonders of this brave new world are amazing.

Thanks to the power of ereaders writers can reach the whole world.

What do you find amazing about this new ereader and Indie Publishing world?

Jill James

Pardon My Dust

Here at Jill James Writes I’ve been updating my website and blog to add the new stuff for my Indie ventures. So if you go to a page and nothing is there, I’m so sorry, it will be in a day or two.

Week 1 of self-publishing is a high five for Jill! I’m quite happy with 8 sales of Divorce, Interrupted since 10/4/11 when everything went officially live and bonus score for 2 sales of Tempting Adam.

Please come back often as I spruce up the place, add new things, and tell all things self-publishing and writing.

Wednesday I will have Amie Louellen for Blog The Writer.

Jill James

D. D. Scott – Blog The Writer

Okay, for my first blog post of Blog the Writer I chose D.D. Scott, an amazing author and marketing expert extraordinaire. She can be found at The Naked Hero and The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing. She is currently the author of three fun books; a cross of Urban Cowboy and Sex & the City. She also has a great writer’s help book about Muse Therapy and knows all about indie publishing having worked her way from the ground up to make herself an Indie Star.

Check out D.D. at her blogs and her Amazon Author Page.

Jill James