Book Review – Obsession by Carol Ericson

I’ve read all of Carol’s Harlequin Intrigue books but, by far, Obsession is the best. I think it was the characters. I adored Michelle Girard and her crush that developed into a full-blown love affair with Colin Roarke. We’ve all been geeky girl in love with the football star in high school, we can relate.

Colin has just enough baggage in his life to be tortured but not unsalvageable. He had a nice conflict in his life with his issues with his brother to be believable.

The intrigue part of the story was awesome with killings, and stalkings, and danger at every turn. This was a well-plotted, well-told story. AA++

Jill James

Blog a Book – Smokin’ Six-Shooter

Loved this Harlequin Intrigue by B.J. Daniels. The hot Montana spring with no rain in sight, the hot Montana cowboy, and the sexy city slicker on the trail of a decades old murder-mystery.

I was caught up in this story from page 1 to The End. All the characters were amazing and real. From the lovely one-room schoolhouse teacher, to her rodeo-riding lover. From the kids in the class room to the elderly ladies in the quilting circle. The town of Whitehorse is a place I would love to visit.

A+ for a story well-told……Jill James

Blog a Blog

Breathtaking Romantic Suspense

The home of several of Harlequin Intrigue’s authors.  They talk about the direction their line is going, what upcoming continuities will be about, show off their gorgeous covers with hot guys, and interact with their fans.

Jessica Andersen, Kerry Connor, B.J. Daniels, Carol Ericson, Delores Fossen, Paula Graves,
Jan Hambright, Lori Harris, Rita Herron, Elle James, Mallory Kane, Susan Kearney,
Kathleen Long ,Dana Marton, Julie Miller, Tracy Montoya, Ann Voss Peterson,
Patricia Rosemoor, Dani Sinclair, Kay Thomas, Joanna Wayne, Pat White,
Rebecca York, Donna Young.

Check out what Harlequin Intrigue is doing now.

Jill James