Goal, Motivation, Conflict – Debra Dixon

Almost every romance writer knows the Queen of GMC – Debra Dixon. As I told my husband when I signed up for her all-day workshop, “She is the woman who wrote the book about writing the book.”

It was a day of revelations. Lots of the stuff she taked about I already knew, but to hear her explain it; with her sweet, southern accent, no less, was priceless.

I will be getting her book. I can’t imagine why I don’t have it already.

The principles of GMC are simple when broken down — what does your character want, why do they want it, why can’t they have it. In a romance story with a main hero and heroine it also usually means whatever the hero wants is in opposition to whatever the heroine wants, and vice-versa. Especially if you want great conflict.

The second half of the day was The Hero’s Journey with hilarious examples from Star Wars and The Princess Bride. I will always consider the money for the workshop, money well-spent.

Jill James