What a Blast! RWA National 2016

Back from the conference and finally back on track with eating right, exercising every day, and writing on schedule.

It’s all about the shoes! It took several shoe stores and one that was locked but had employees inside. (What’s up with that?!) But it was worth it. I haven’t worn heels for years because it was just too painful and awkward at my weight, but with the weight loss this year I decided to brave them for one evening. It was worth it!

shoes RWA 2016








Plus one more. Don’t we clean up well?!! The husband and I don’t get all dressed up often so we make sure to take pictures of the event. LOL

RWA 2016It was an amazing evening. Great desserts. Great award show. Great company at our table. Thanks Rose City chapter for sharing your table, loved meeting you all!

Jill James, romance author, back at work.


RWA Nationals 2016

I’m in San Diego this week for the National Conference. I’m going to try to tweet and Facebook with the hashtag #RWA16 so I’ll let you know what’s happening with that. I’ll post pictures when I’m back.

Keep writing, keep reading, Jill James

RWA Nationals San Diego 2016

San_Diego_HarborI’m all registered and have a hotel room. This will be a mini-vacation with the conference and visiting brother and his family.

So excited! I haven’t been for a few years. I love the workshops, the fellow writers, seeing and meeting the superstars in our industry. Fun times!!

Will I see you this year in San Diego???

Jill James, romance author

13 reasons you’re not as successful an author as you should be — Jim Kukral

Indie Recon 2015 was last week. I watched and listened to a bunch of amazing authors, book designers, and industry people, but this video/speech by Jim Kukral resonated the clearest. I think many people are guilty of a few of these reasons. A couple hit close to home for me as well. Enjoy!


Jill James, contemporary and paranormal romance author
off to go write the next book and to NOT play Candy Crush Saga. LOL

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Now available in eBook and paperback!

Warning – f-bombs ahead!!

I feel every time I post a link to a Chuck Wendig blog that I must issue the warning. LOL 🙂 Yes, there is some language, but the message is always a good one. This post is about his trip to Australia for a conference and his great speech there (my words, not his). So, without further ado.



Jill James, writer of contemporary and paranormal romance.
The Christmas Con: a short romance is now available and
Love in the Time of Zombies is coming soon!


Romance Divas – NGTCC

Romance Divas’ annual “Not Going to Conference” online conference from July 25-27. The NGTCC is held during the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference, as a treat for those of us who have to stay home. It’s chock-full of workshops on craft, promotion, self-publishing, law, and even has some opportunities to pitch editors.
It’s FREE and isn’t just for romance authors. (Many of the topics are applicable to writers of all genre fiction.)
Moderator: Amanda Brice
Panel: A Year in the Life of a Self-Published Romance Author (with Cate Rowan, Tawny Stokes aka Vivi Anna, Tori Scott, and Anthea Lawson) When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Presenter: Jodi Henley Workshop: Troubleshooting Plot and Character Arc When: Wednesday
Presenter: Jeanette Murray Workshop: Setting Up Mailchimp When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Presenter: David Bridger Workshop/Q&A: The Man’s Perspective with David Bridger When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Presenter: David Bridger Workshop/Q&A: The NSFW Man’s Perspective with David Bridger When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Editor: Ann Leveille, Ellora’s Cave Event: Accepting pitches of 200-250 words.
Publisher: Carina Press Editors Gina Bernal, Alissa Davis, Mallory Braus, Deborah Nemeth Event: Accepting two-paragraph pitches
Presenter: Amanda Brice Workshop/Q&A: Legally Fiction: Ask an Attorney Your Intellectual Property Law Questions When: Thursday (ask questions until 8 pm EST — general questions ONLY, no specific cases)
Presenter: Gaelen Foley Workshop:Adventures in Self-Publishing: A Bestselling Author Shares How an Indie Side Project Changed Her Perspective on the Writing Career When: Thursday until 9 PM Eastern.
Publisher: Avon Romance (Impulse) Editor: Chelsey Emmelhainz Q&A & 3-5 Sentence Pitches When: Thursday starting at 3 PM Pacific. She will be around for 2 hrs for immediate Q&A questions and then will be sporadic between then and Saturday.
Publisher: Crimson Romance Editor: Jennifer Lawler Format: Q&A and Workshop + 200 word pitches
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group, Editors Chris Keesler and Jill Lumber When: Friday Morning. Will respond by Saturday. Event:250 word pitch
Presenter: Mima Workshop/Conversation: Choose Your Own Ending: Laughter or Tears


Every year RWA has a National Conference with over 2,000 people. This year’s is in Washington D.C. and I won’t be able to attend.  If you are feeling sorry for yourself too, go the Romance Divas Not Going to Conference Conference.


Jill James