Dead of Winter

There is a reason it is called the dead of winter. Everything is brown, dried-out, dead-looking. Except for my Bird of Paradise plant. The thing obviously does not know it is the depths of winter, because it is blooming all over. LOL

Kind of like my writing. I love writing in the dead of winter. Yes, my fingers get cold on the keyboard, but I have great fingerless gloves from my friend, Lee Lopez. Add a lap blanket and I’m all set, with my laptop and a cup of hot tea on the table beside me.

I love this time of year. No holidays or birthdays to worry about. No new shows on television, just reruns. Nowhere to go, no one to see. Just me and the stories in my head.

In case you are not enjoying the dead of winter, perhaps this will warm you up. This is my vision of Seth Ripley in Love in the Time of Zombies.

seth ripley  Jill James, author of contemporary and paranormal romance.

  Love in the Time of Zombies, coming this spring.

***Damn, I miss Moonlight!***