If it doesn’t belong to you…

don’t take it. I need to vent, people. At midnight I was on the phone to my bank to cancel a transaction I didn’t do and an hour on hold the next morning to get Barnes & Noble to realize I didn’t order a bunch of movies. Then I spent the day taking my debit card off websites and changing passwords everywhere. Grrrrr! Arghhhh! Now I’ll have to add a new debit card when it arrives and verify to B&N before I can order anything else. Maybe they should have made the POS verify who he was?!!!

My dad told me “if it isn’t yours, don’t pick it up.” It is such an easy concept, everyone should try it. If it’s not yours, don’t take it.

I’ve worked hard for what I have in life, you can’t have it. Simple. Try it sometime.

Jill James, romance writer