The Boys of Summer

Otherwise known as baseball players. Summer is winding down and nowhere is it more evident than on the baseball fields. We enjoy our AAA team, the Reno Aces, affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Triple A started a little later than MLB this year and finishes earlier, so after our games this weekend, we are almost done with baseball for 2021.

The mornings are a little crisper, the evenings are a little cooler, and University of Nevada-Reno football ( Go Pack!!) is right around the corner. I never knew I would enjoy sports so much or mark the seasons by the changing of the sport.

Do you enjoy sports? Do you have a favorite team?

Jill James, author the the Time of Zombies series of zompoc romance novels

2 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer

  1. I’m no sports fan, with the exception of baseball. My kids played t-ball and then baseball or softball as they got older. Now I love the Jays. My bucket list includes the item of seeing them play in every field of MLB. Covid has hampered that goal, but I’m hopeful for next year.

    The boys are talented but young, With some experience they’ll be hard to beat. (I hope.) LOL


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