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I love that line in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I think of it every time I put a deadline on my writing project.

A deadline for a book is not written in stone, especially for us self-published authors. I like having a date to aim for, but life happens and sometimes you just need a break. Sometimes the words come, and sometimes they don’t. You can’t force them.

That said, I try really hard to make my self-imposed deadlines. But July has just gotten away from me and the first draft of Ghostly Perceptions, book 3 of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series is not going to happen by July 31st. I will keep writing and hope for some of the story to unfold by the end of the month, but I’m not going to beat myself up when I hear the whoosh of that dateline flying by.

I think since Ghostly Deceptions, book 2 in the series went along so well I was spoiled by the ease of uploading waaaay ahead of time, to finish the paperback version, and to just need the paperback cover to complete the job. Teach me to things would always go along that swimmingly. LOL

Do you set timelines and deadlines for yourself? Do you get mad at yourself when you don’t meet your expectations?

Jill James, author of the Ghost Releasers, Inc. series of ghost paranormal romances

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