Baseball is back!!

I love baseball. The smells. The sounds. The people. The excitement. Last year there was no Minor League Baseball, so no Reno Aces. 😦 But they are back!!!

I love to watch the minor leaguers and try to guess who will be called up to The Show. Who will get to stay there. Who will come back to Reno until the next call up.

Greater Nevada Field is a great ballpark and I can’t wait for the new season!!

Do you follow sports teams? Who are your favorites?

Jill James — Go Aces!!!

3 thoughts on “Baseball is back!!

  1. Baseball is my favorite sport, Jill. and I am a devoted Blue Jays fan. Once the pandemic is done and borders are open, I plan to attend at least one of their games at every stadium…it’s my big bucket list item for retirement.

    no minor league ball in Calgary, unfortunately. Very sad for me because I’d be there all the time.

    thanks for the feel good moment.


      1. that’s cool, Jill. Toronto has a new stadium in the works (early days yet) so either go to the old stadium or wait for the new….I went to the Dallas stadium some years ago but will have to add it back to my list, since they’ve a new one. LOL


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