The 5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge

I had wanted to do Amazon Ads for a while, but was afraid to try. What if I lost a bunch of money? What if I couldn’t figure out all the ratios and ROI and other acronyms. Math is not my strong suit, which is funny since I went to college to be an accountant. LOL

So, when the Challenge showed up in my Facebook newsfeed, I decided to give it a try. Bryan Cohen is a great teacher. He walked us through doing an ad step-by-step. You bid small amounts of money and it wasn’t too scary at all. We posted our homework and got tons of feedback.

It is one of those things that you get better the more you do, so the steps are automatic and you remember them by doing them over and over and over. I loved that Bryan told us numerous times to recheck your bids before you pushed the last button. He gave helpful hints and explained how everything worked. I learned new skills with Book Report and Instant Data Scraper. And TONS of rewriting copy to make it exciting, relevent, and give it a punch.

I would totally recommend to all self-publishers to try the Challenge if you get the chance.

Jill James, romance writer and class taker.

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