Upload Day is Stressful

Every time I upload a new book I stress out. Did I format it right? Are the backlinks working? Is it the right edited version?

This week was double stressful, because I uploaded the ready-to-go version of Time of Zombies, books 1-3 boxed set and set a preorder for book #4 in the series, Zombies in the Grass. It doesn’t have a cover yet, but it is up for preorder with a release date of March 9th. Yay!! Cover artist and I have a working date next week.

Zombies in the Grass (working blurb)

Before the zombie apocalypse, Danny Lopez was the drummer for a rock band. Now, he’s the leader of a band of children living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Captain Willa Zara is in charge of soldiers and civilians at Camp Natomas, near Sacramento. Orders from the capital have her conscripting teenagers into the war against the undead. Will demanding children fight an unwinnable war be the last order she follows?

Becoming a thief in the night, Danny raids the camp for much-needed supplies for the kids in his care. His activities place the woman he once loved in a tenuous position. Will she capture him and have him executed or will she finally do more than just take orders?

When danger surrounds them on all sides, will their love be enough in the time of zombies?

Preorder HERE!

Jill James, romance writer and constant worrier.

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