Zombies in the Grass – WIP

Since I finished up my Christmas story I’m now working on book #4 in the Time of Zombies series. Entitled Zombies in the Grass. A play on the title, Splendor in the Grass and most of it takes place in the Sierra foothills with long, golden grasses in the summer and into autumn. Books 1-3 are in a boxed set that releases October 6th!

The main characters for book #4 are Captain Willa Zara and Danny Lopez. Willa has been in the army a few years and is great at following and giving orders. Danny is the Robin Hood of the foothills, stealing from the army base to feed the orphaned kids in his care. When disaster strikes, Willa will have to decide if she should follow orders or do the right thing.

There are some appearances from characters from the first three books, especially the boys of Rogue Vantage. I love those kids! Especially Dylan!!



Here is a snippet…

Chapter Two


Hearing the telltale groan of the undead, I whipped around the corner of the building, my gun out of the holster and at my side. A zombie inside the walls would become a massacre. One bite and it cascaded into another and another and another before it was discovered.

Was there a breach in the walls? No zombs had been in the camp since the first days. Skidding to a stop, I stared in disbelief at the toddlers playing in the garden.

I spotted their mother, Emily, as she turned at my skidding noise. Or Miss Emily, as the big man named Teddy called her. The woman had made the garden her own in short order. Her green thumb already creating miracles.

“Captain,” she said, wiping her hand on her jeans. She stood and stretched, smiling at her children. “Did you need something?”

At her raised eyebrow and smirk, I shoved my gun back in the holster. The twins stared at me, with I swear, the same smirk. I would have wagered money, if it were still worth anything, I’d heard the noise of a zombie in the area. Scanning quickly, I was forced to acknowledge no one and nothing other than the woman and her small children occupied the small space.

“I thought I heard a zombie.”

Her eyes widened for a second and then the look she shot her kids was gone, but I’d seen it. “No skinbags here. The kids are copycats at this age. Unfortunately, they’ve seen and heard too much in their short lives. Soon, they’ll be as bad as Rogue Vantage.”

I winced. The boys of Rogue Vantage were a thorn in my side in just the short time they’d been at the camp. What had started as four small boys had grown into a gang of mischief-makers. They treated the zombies as a small nuisance in their day of having everlasting fun. Since they’d arrived, I’d found dirt in my coffee, worms in my bed, and rats in my boots.

Gazing at the petite twins, I smiled. “I think you have awhile before they are running rampant over the camp.”

As if to contradict my words, the girl grabbed a stick and started poking her brother in the stomach. “Kill the ‘ombie,” she said, and then laughed as the boy fell to the ground and lay as still as dead.

Hoping to release Zombies in the Grass before the end of the year! When I have an exact date, I’ll let you know here and in my newsletter.

Jill James, romance writer

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