Comfort Reads

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

The other day on the internet I saw a post about watching shows that you know the ending–a comfort watch. In this time of uncertainty, people are turning to television and movies and stories they know the ending to.

Comfort reads. A book you’ve reread a dozen times, but you know the good guy wins in the end, gets the girl, lives happily ever after. There is no stress wondering if it all turns out in the end–you know it does.

I’ve been doing some of that myself. Binge-watching CSI-NY and The Newsroom. Rereading the Plantagenet books by Phillipa Gregory; The White Queen, The Red Queen, The Kingmaker’s Daughter, and The White Princess. Watching movies I’ve seen a hundred times and can recite the dialogue word for word.

There is a warm, comfortable feeling to know how the story goes and go along for the ride anyway.

Stay safe. Enjoy the comfort of your favorite things…..Jill James

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