Quarantine Day 12,345,678

Image by Hank Williams from Pixabay

Actually it is day 30 in Reno, Nevada, but it seems much, much longer. Have been shopping with mask on. Not fun! Can’t breath. Fogs up my glasses.

Shopping sucks when half the things on your list are not on the shelves. It took almost a month to get flour so I can bake. This has to end soon. This can not be the new ‘normal.’

The husband is missing sports like an actual ache in the heart. This month we would have been seeing our minor league team, the Reno Aces. So thankful we went on our baseball stadium trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania last year. This year would have been cancelled and we might have got refunds on tickets and hotels, but who knows for sure?!!

Daily walks and bike rides are helping some, but it’s not enough. The weather turned nice this week and I want to go places and see people. We haven’t seen our family in California since Christmas. We had two April birthdays and we would have seen them then.

I just have to remember each day: This Too Shall Pass. In the meantime, I will watch movies, bake cookies, and work on my family tree.

Keep safe. Keep well. We will get through this.  Jill


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