A Time to Kill Zombies

A Time to Kill Zombies is book 3 in the Time of Zombies series.

Commander Jack Canida is one of my favorite characters I’ve written. He is the glue holding his group together in the terror of the zombie apocalypse.

When I decided to give him a romantic interest, I was at a loss. Jack wouldn’t hook up with one of the people under his protection. So, I wrote him a backstory with a lover he thought was lost forever. Lila Sterling comes back into his life with a bang and a child he didn’t know was his, to boot.

This is hotter than my usual books – Romance heat level 4/5.

Books 1 and 2 are available in this series as well. I’m working on book 4.


Also available in print and audiobook!

Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series