The Zombie Hunter’s Wife

The Zombie Hunter’s Wife is book 2 in the Time of Zombies series.

In book 1 I came across a great character, Teddy Ridgewood. Teddy was one of my favorite characters to write. Hard, muscled, gravelly voice on the outside. A marshmallow on the inside. Kind to kids and animals. Protective to his mate, willing to die for her. I knew when I wrote book 2 he had to be the main character. But who to pair him with?

Michelle Griggs lost her husband at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Now she has put a figurative wall around her heart and refuses to risk herself and others outside the walls of the protective compound. But in the ZA there are no safe places; for your heart or your body.

This is hotter than my usual books – Romance heat level 4/5.

Books 1 and 3 are available in this series as well. I’m working on book 4.


Also available in print and audiobook!

Jill James, author of the Time of Zombies series