Dangerous Shift

Dangerous Shift is book 1 in the Shifters of San Laura series. The idea of the story started with watching Jurassic Park with my kids for the millionth time. There is a scene where Dr. Grant is discussing about amazon tree frogs being able to change gender if the male/female ratio is unbalanced. I thought it would be so neat if humans could do that. A light bulb went off! I could write a story like that. Awesome!!


Most people get up in the morning and decide what to wear. Lt. Nikki Hill decides if she will be male or female. Shapeshifters live among us but apart, known only by the highest echelons in law enforcement, the military, and the science community. When an Extinction Level virus hits shifters, she will team up with Lt. Sean Evans to save their families, their friends, their entire species.

This is hotter than my usual books – Romance heat level 4/5.

I’m working on Stolen Shift, book 2 in the series.


Also available in print!

Jill James, author of the Shifters of San Laura series