The Bucket List

Everyone has one, right? Things you want to do before you die. My husband and I want to see all the MLB ballparks, all 30 of them. We take a vacation every couple of years and see one or two more. This year we hit 3 of them.

Cincinnati Reds (Great American Ballpark), Cleveland Indians (Progressive Field), and Pittsburgh Pirates (PNC Park) This year we managed to get tickets for the ballpark tour for all three parks as well.

The Reds have an awesome park, right on the river. The tour and the Hall of Fame were lots of fun. I love hearing all the inside stories of players, sportscasters, and owners.

We got to go to two games as well. The weather was beautiful and the games were fun. I love seeing and hearing what different teams do during their games.  There was a race with Mr. Redlegs (with moustache), Mr. Red (younger looking version), and Rosie Red.

And don’t forget the Skyline chili. Yummmmm!


What’s on your bucket list?

Jill James, romance writer and baseball fan