Hidden Figures – movie review

A few years ago I wrote a blog post that talked about Looking Forward By Looking Back. it was about seeing where you are by looking at where you’ve been. That post was about writing and seeing your growth that you might not notice every day as you are writing and trying to get your books out there and noticed. But when the husband and I went this past weekend to see this movie on date night I thought the same thing. In our current world it may seem like we are at the same place we used to always be as a society, but when we look back to a sad and ugly time in our history we may see we have come further than we think.

hidden-figuresHidden Figures showed a history that people under a certain age in this country may not remember, but we should. Not only minorities, but women, were treated as second-class citizens. Yes, we have a far way to go to total equality, but maybe we should take a moment and appreciate how far we have come. The movie was rated PG so the true violence of the time was downplayed, but they still got the point across admirably.

There was laughter, tears, and applause. Definitely a movie I will see again and again. One that everyone should see at least once.

Jill James, romance writer

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