Trying Something New

I love trying new things but I always go kicking and screaming along the way. LOL I don’t know why I do that, but since 2017 is my year of doing MORE, I tried something new–writing wise.

A crime story. No romance, just crime. It all came about because of serendipity, which is how lots of things work in a writer’s world. First, I took a class.

Write More. Write Now by Cindy Carroll. The first lesson was ‘what is holding you back?’ I dug deep and realized I was letting fear of the unknown hold me back from trying something different from what I normally write. Second, I read a book.

how-to-write-short-storiesHow to Write a Short Stories and Use Them to Further Your Writing Career by James Scott Bell. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I should try my hand at something new, make it a short story, and just publish it on Amazon. So, I did.  Click on the book cover to check out Mr. Bell’s book.


I wrote for 3 hours with breaks every hour, finished up, cleaned it up, and published it. The story poured out of me. It was fun to just write for writing’s sake. Make a nice little story and see it up at Amazon. Here it is.

amazon-coverKiller Personality: A Killer Short Story by J. James

Harry Beecher hadn’t planned to become a serial killer, but sometimes life doesn’t go as you plan.



What is something you did and surprised yourself with how it turned out?

Jill James, author