Parlay Your Author Power

Self-publishing has changed the publishing world but there are still authors who have no power to change covers, titles, or clauses in their contracts. And then there is Philippa Gregory…

I love Gregory’s books and I find it amazing in a good way that she wants her stories to retain their historical integrity, even when made into films.

Do you think historical novels should be historically correct or do you believe artistic changes are allowable, or even preferred, to make the story more interesting to a modern audience?

Jill James, romance author
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2 thoughts on “Parlay Your Author Power

  1. A personal preference for me in writing and reading time period fiction- I think novels should be as historically accurate as possible, though I do take some creative liberties to fit suit my characters & their journey. It makes for a more exciting tale. 🙂

    • Amber, I like historical accuracy too, but I’ll allow an author to alter details since some of the details to history have been lost over time and women got the short stick in details of their lives unless they were infamous.

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