Friends With Benefits

Okay, you with the naughty thoughts…that’s not the kind of benefits I meant.

calligraphy penI have a best friend. We’ve been friends for 13 years. Her friendship is priceless. But the extra, icing-on-the-top benefit is that she is a writer too.

With no writing group nearby it is amazing how I feel after of morning of writing with her. The ideas flow and the word count explodes. Somehow, our ideas mesh and new stories come out of our get-together.

I come away from those days with a renewed commitment to my writing. To a new insight into why I write and how I write. It is called ‘refilling the well’ and it is that and more.

Writers are solitary creatures a lot of the time and there is a need to connect; with other writers, with artists of all kinds, with readers. To know that our ideas are worthy and worthwhile and not going out into the void of nothingness.

A friend with benefits which no price can be placed upon.

Jill James, romance writer
Time of Zombies series coming soon in audiobook!


4 thoughts on “Friends With Benefits

  1. I feel the same. It is great getting back together and just gabbing, eating and of course writing…It really gets the creative juices flowing.

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