Current Projects – Summer/Fall

I’m going to be busy through the end of summer and beyond, working on my current Works In Progress or WIPs. I have several things planned for the next few months.

Christmas Novella – published independently or with a boxed set group.

Waking Up For Christmas

WakingUpforChristmas 200x300Waking Up For Christmas is the story of Darcy and Chase. They are in the midst of a divorce when the unthinkable happens – Darcy is in a terrible car accident and in a coma at the hospital. Chase is at her side every day reminding her of their love and why she needs to wake up for Christmas.



Paranormal Ghost Story – aiming for trying Kindle Scout – a crowd-sourced deal at Amazon

Ghostly Intentions

Ghostly Intentions is a paranormal tale of a young widow, Megan who can’t let her husband’s ghost move on. Why would she, when he comes each night to make mad, passionate love to her? Only Jack of Ghost Releasers, Inc. can show her the edge of madness she is treading and how real love is deeper and richer than any ghostly visitation.

Contemporary Romance – reviving and editing old story

Books and Dreams

Books and Dreams is less heat than my current books. Set in a small town, it pits Lyanne and Jack against each other for ownership of the building on Main Street in Wildrose, California. If one achieves their dream, the other loses. Can love make winners of them both?

Paranormal Vampire Story – may publish this under another pseudonym since so different from anything else I write.

Even Vamps Get Divorced

Still in brainstorming/plotting stage, but general idea is vampires are in the open and known but not liked by everyone. When Claire’s boy toy turns up dead all the clues point to the vampire did it. Can she prove her innocence to the police detective who believes all vamps are guilty until proven innocent? When Det. Anderson falls for his prime suspect will he be the next on the killer’s hit list?

What are your plans for summer/fall 2016?

Jill James, busy romance author

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