The Sagging Middle

The dreaded sagging middle. Most writers fear it with a passion. It is when the beginning flows and things are happening for your character and the end is known or at least imagined of how they get their happily ever after. But…

You have no idea what happens in the middle before the Black Moment (another great writer event). Usually this is the point where I kill someone (in the story). But for the current story I’m trying something different. Something I’ve never done before. I’m writing A Time to Kill Zombies in a non-linear method. I’m writing which ever character strikes me at the moment.

So, my manuscript looks like this–

Jack and Lila 1
Jack and Lila 2

Selena 1
Selena 2

Paul, Suz, and Josh 1
Paul, Suz, and Josh 2

Miranda, Cody, and April 1
Miranda, Cody, and April 2

So, at the moment, I have no idea where the middle is, sagging or otherwise. And it has been freeing. I’m not worried about it. I’m writing chapters as ideas come to me. I might learn to like this. Add in Dragon Naturally Speech to Text and I feel like I’ve discovered the joy of writing all over again.

What mind tricks do you use to do something that may be hard or boring or difficult?

Jill James, romance author

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A Time to Kill Zombies – Jack and Lila’s story

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