Judge a Book By Its Cover Contest

I don’t enter a lot of contests, but I love the JABBIC Contest and entered this year with Love in the Time of Zombies. I would love your vote, Elaina Lee of For The Muse Designs did a wonderful cover. I’m in SF/F/P category.

The JABBIC Readers’ Choice (that’s Judge A Book By Its Cover) is open to the public.

The JABBIC bookseller judges have had their say. Now it’s time for you to have yours.

Fire up your laptop, tablet, or phone and browse to the JABBIC Readers Choice page to start logging your votes. It’s easy and fast–and anonymous. (But you probably want to be on a broadband connection. We load up all the entries in each category on a single page.)

Just click the genre category at the top and prepare to be wowed. Don’t be shy. If you love a cover, give it a 5. If it doesn’t quite turn you on, score it as a 1.

This contest is great if you’re trying to figure out what makes an appealing cover since it is judged by booksellers who probably see thousands of covers every year. Their winners will be announced after the public has voted.

The Readers’ Choice judging will be open until midnight, February 12.

Thanks, Jill James, romance author