I want to just write the book.

Writers say that a lot. A LOT. We wish there wasn’t a need for promotion. For social media. For the myriad of things that are needed for selling books that aren’t writing the book. Whoever told us that writing the book was the hard part–lied!

As young (or not so young) aspiring authors we dreamed of writing an awesome book, selling to a big name publisher, getting a giant advance to write, and for the publisher to do all those mysterious promo things so we could just write. LOL

Well, it seems that self-published authors aren’t the only ones now realizing that even with a publisher, the author is still responsible for the major portion of promotion to sell the book.


Writers, what writing ‘myth’ did you debunk?

Jill James, writer of romance


2 thoughts on “I want to just write the book.

  1. The dream and desire is to write not promote, which takes time away from our writing. In a perfect world, there would be enough promoters that the need for authors to be involved would be slim. I know, it isn’t quite perfect yet. Great article.


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