Work in Progress

Or WIP as it is used in a writer’s world. Right now I’m in the middle of zombie book #2. The zombie apocalypse books were outside my comfort zone to write in two ways.

First, they are romance novels through and through, but there are many ooey, gooey zombie parts. hahaha (pun intended)

DSC01976Second, they have a large cast of heroes, heroines, villains, and survivors. So I decided to use index cards and a divided cardboard backer to keep track of people and some basic info like hair and eye color and how they are related. When I moved on to book #2 I got rid of those who had died (R.I.P.) or not, if they were a villain and I grouped people by who they would hook up with in this current book. Have some interesting match-ups that I had not planned. 🙂

*If you are a writer, do you have some organizational tips to share?

*If you are a reader, do you like a close, couple of people, intimate story or a broad, action/adventure, cast of thousands? (LOL)

Jill James, writer of romance (even in the zombie apocalypse)
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