Everyone has baggage.

You had a great childhood and expect a great adulthood. You were the homecoming queen or the captain of the football team. You had a crappy childhood and you want a good adulthood. You were teased about being small and puny but you’ve outgrown your awkward years. You had a crappy childhood and expect a crappy adulthood. Life sucked then and it sucks now.

luggageEvery event in your life to this point has added items to the baggage you carry. Good things. Bad things. The people we love. The people we hate. The people who love or hate us. Everyone has baggage. Some is good and some is bad. From Dr. Phil to Dr. Oz to every TV doctor and self-help book tells you to ‘let the baggage go.’


if you are a writer you are expected to not only hold on to that baggage, but to use it in your writing. To pop open your baggage and throw your dirty laundry onto the page. It is the same as asking us to open a vein and bleed onto the page.

We can choose to not use every event that has made us who we are, but you risk not having that deep emotion in your story telling.

Were you dumped, humiliated, had your heart ripped out? Hey, I can use that in my women’s fiction book.

Were you traumatized as a child? Haunted by ghosts; real and imagined? Come from a hostile home? Think what a great romantic suspense or horror novel you could write.

Were you teased mercilessly? Taunted and picked on? Kill them in your book. LOL 🙂

It is as hard as opening up your soul for the world to see. And as simple.

Write from your heart and the reader will take it into their heart as well.

Write on! Jill James