Tops in the zombie genre

I’ve been on a ‘zombie apocalypse’ kick for a few years now. I love movies, tv shows, and books. Here are some of my faves:

dawn of the deadTop serious zombie movie: Dawn of the Dead
My favorite of the ‘of the Dead movies. It features a kickass heroine, Ana, played by Sarah Polley. That it takes place in a mall is just bonus points. The characters are well-defined and the seriousness of the situation is quite clear in the storyline.

zombielandTop funny zombie movie: Zombieland
If anyone can make the zombie apocalypse funny, it is Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisneberg. The whole idea of the rules of survival is awesome and so true-to-story. Added bonus of the appearance of Bill Murray.


walking dead

Top zombie television show: The Walking Dead
Like, duh!! This is some seriously good television. The writing is awesome, the actors are stellar, and the zombies rock!!


world war zTop serious zombie book: World War Z by Max Brooks
Brooks broke the mold with WWZ. This book and his survival guide should be must-read for any zombie fan. The movie was good by itself but nothing like the book. I have to get the audiobook!!


married with zombiesTop funny zombie book: Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
There is not a dull moment in this book or series. Sarah and Dave are a riot, dealing with marriage issues in the midst of the apocalypse. Petersen knows how to tickle a funny bone.


central outbreak responseTop new zombie author discovered: Central Outbreak Response: Genesis by RJ Kennett
Kennett is a new to me author and he had me from page 1 of COR: Genesis. It is both a homage to the zombie books that have gone before and a unique tale all its own at the same time. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel.

patient zeroTop zombie apocalypse hottie: Joe Ledger
In the zombie apocalypse, I want Joe Ledger protecting me! Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry was my intro of Joe Ledger, a man who gives new meaning to the term: hottie!! Getting the newest Joe Ledger book this week!


Do you have any zombie favorites?

Jill James, off to go work on Time of Zombies series, Book 2!