Interview with Joyce Holmes

Please join me today as we get cozy with Joyce Holmes and talk writing and her new release. It is still nippy here in Canada but we are all comfy, sitting in Joyce’s living room sipping French Vanilla Coffee and munching on delicious brownies.

Jill: talking a bite of brownie and washing it down with warm coffee. Yum! Let’s start at the beginning. Most writers enjoyed school. What was a younger Joyce like?

Joyce: I was that kid in school who always started her homework on the day she got it. Especially if it was an English essay. I even did my older sister’s English homework on occasion, and in the back of my mind I imagined being a writer one day. When I turned forty, I decided I should see about making that happen. I’ve since written seven stories and have published three of them.

Jill: I totally get that. There is something about 40 that makes lots of people think about what they want to do. Sounds like you are making your dreams come true. So, my favorite question; what you like best and least about being a writer?

Joyce: Weirdly enough, I like editing the best. Fixing awkward sentences, adding more layers, more emotion. Coming up with a viable plot from a vague idea is the hardest for me. I’m always thrilled when the storyline finally gels into something real.

Jill: claps her hands. Me too! You can’t edit a blank page. I love adding layers. Your new release, Dare to Risk All sounds amazing. Tell us about it.

perf5.000x8.000.inddJoyce: sips her coffee and leans back in a comfy chair. Usually I lean toward family drama with a few subplots, but my newest release is pure romance. I didn’t plan it that way; it’s simply what the story called for. It’s set in my hometown of Calgary and in my favorite neighborhood there. I’d originally written it many years ago and only recently pulled it out of the vault, brought it up to date and refreshed it with my current writing style. Basically, I had to completely rewrite it, tossing out everything except the premise and characters. I like to torture my characters, just a bit, so these two carry some heavy baggage and both question whether falling in love – especially with each other – is worth the risk, hence the title, Dare to Risk All.

Jill: Can’t wait to read it. What can we expect from Joyce Holmes in the future?

Joyce: I recently finished a big project and am poised to send it off into the publishing world. It’s a romance, with my usual family drama tilt and a couple of subplots. This one really tugs at my heart and deals with emotional issues that make my eyes leak. Hopefully it’ll be published in the coming year.

Jill: We will definitely look for this wonderful sounding book. Any words to your readers and possible future readers checking out the blog?

Joyce: If you enjoy emotional stories about real people in real life situations, you just might enjoy the type of stories I write. And if you do read my work, I’d love to hear your thoughts afterwards.

Jill: Thank you Joyce for opening up your lovely home for this interview. For the readers: please sit back and enjoy an excerpt of her latest release; Dare to Risk All.


Ben crossed the room to the computer table. From where she sat, Tessa caught a whiff of a sensuous blend of spice and citrus as he passed her desk. She swallowed. Hard.

“I take it this was Ed Hardy’s computer and now it’s for my use?” he asked after a moment.

“I guess,” Tessa agreed. Needing to concentrate on something other than how sexy Ben smelled, she dug in her drawer for her appointment book to see what she had on her schedule for the day. Morris wanted her to clean up any outstanding work by the end of the week, leaving her free to focus on new accounts with Ben.

Ben walked over to her desk, folded both arms across his chest and gazed down at her. “Ya know, this polite stranger thing is getting pretty old.” When she looked up, he braced his arms on the edge of the desk and leaned in. “Are we talking to one another or what?”

Tessa dropped the book and flattened into her chair. That now familiar breathless feeling constricted her throat. His stance, his closeness, gave her an exhilarated, restless sensation. Her body reacted to the message she read in his eyes, little jolts of desire mingling with spurts of resentment. She felt ashamed of the treacherous way her body responded to him and if she read his smug expression correctly, he knew exactly what effect he had on her.

No matter what or how she actually felt, her pride demanded that she prove this impertinent man wrong.


Thank you, Joyce, for letting me interview you.

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  1. Sadly, I used to work REALLY hard on my opening paragraph for my English assignments and leave the rest until the night before it was due…yes, procrastination is my middle name, lol. Cute interview, thanks for sharing insights into your life and good luck with the release!

    • Thanks, Renee. 40 really was a wake up call. Before that I was so busy with the kids and their activities. I had to finally say, it’s time for me!

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