New Year, New Me


I started 2014 with a lot of ambition. I’m ending it with not so much. 2014 was the year of not enough writing, not enough exercise, and not enough me time. That all needs to end.

There are writers out there with 1 Million word goals for the year–and they meet them. LOL I’m not that ambitious at all.

champagneMy goals for 2015:

1. 4 novella series – The Single Mommies Club: Spring Showers, Summer Loving, Autumn Fling, and Christmas Wishes. These will be 25k each, so I see no reason I can’t produce 100,000 words this year.

2. Ghostly Intentions – This story did really well in a contest, so I want to finish it and publish it. Aiming for at least 50k. Very doable.

3. Stolen Shift – the sequel to Dangerous Shift – I really want to continue this series with new characters and some appearances by the old characters. Aiming for at least 70k to match DS.

4. Exercise 3 days a week, even if it is only a 15 minute walk. I will feel better and write better.

5. Eat better. The whole family needs this so I’m really going to try.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year.

What will you do to better yourself in 2015?

*Already started a great new year with the pre-order set-up of Love in the Time of Zombies. Release day is January 15, 2015!!!


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3 thoughts on “New Year, New Me

  1. You and I both can do it, Amanda. You need to stay in GIAM2X, so you get the support you need. You’ve been a bit hit and miss lately. lol I understand though because I’ve done the same.

    • LOL Sandy, what a sweet way to say I did not produce enough last year. But I’m starting off the new year with the zombie book, so onward and upward.

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