If You Can Quit, Do So

happy writerIt is impossible to discourage the real writers — they don’t give a damn what you say, they’re going to write.     —Sinclair Lewis

Almost weekly I see posts on blogs and forums written by someone who wants to quit writing. Most notably, self-published authors. It wasn’t the rainbows and unicorns they were promised. When I was very young there was a song I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. That about sums it up, nobody promised you anything. Just because Hugh, Bella, and Joe hit it big doesn’t mean you can or will. There is talent, timing, and luck swirled together to hit the big time.

Writing, or more properly the urge to write, is a gift and a curse at the same time. I’ve had friends drift away from writing. Some new sparkly showed up and writing wasn’t what they wanted to do with their time anymore. And that is fine. Life is too short to do stuff you aren’t passionate about. I’ve had friends drift away and no matter how hard they try the siren song of putting words to paper or screen calls them back.

So to those who think they want to quit–quit, if you can. Your passion may be elsewhere. Or, you may find yourself, late at night with a wisp of a thought and reaching for a pen and paper to grasp it before it escapes. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!!

Jill James, off to put hands to keyboard and get to 10,000 words for the week!

2 thoughts on “If You Can Quit, Do So

  1. I agree whole-heartedly.

    I always approach writing as a second job and do my best to make as much of an income from it as is possible – but the truth of it is I would happily spend the rest of my days making up stories even if I wasn’t making any money at it.

    Writing is just what I do.

    It is both a hobby, a pastime – and more, it is a passion.

    I do it the way the some people breathe.

    Great blog. Keep on writing, Jill.

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