The Fall Classic

Baseball Equipment Laying on GrassOtherwise known as The World Series.

We love baseball in our house. We had season tickets to the Oakland A’s. In years past we went to 2-3 games a year. This past year we went to over 25. It was a different view of the sport. You feel like you get to know the players. We actually got to do a Meet and Greet on the field and to talk to Dan Otero and Sonny Gray, pitchers. They chatted, took pictures with us, and signed memorabilia. 🙂

So, today we are watching Kansas City and San Francisco. Not our teams, but baseball is still fun to watch!

Jill James, watching baseball and writing about the zombie apocalypse. LOL


2 thoughts on “The Fall Classic

  1. We’re bit Giants fans…But for me, any Bayarea team, I’m loyal too…It’s going to be a great series.

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