Banned Book Week 2014

banned book week 2014Some of the best selling books are banned someplace in the world. Writers sometimes joke they would like to get banned, because then they would get noticed. It is only a joke, because banning books is no laughing matter. I can still picture the book-burning scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It sends chills up my spine to see an author’s heart and soul burned or banned.

They are only words, but words have power. Or why would some choose to ban them, or burn them, or destroy them? Or in the case of Huckleberry Finn, change them. The author said what they wanted to say; embrace it!

Some kids may not be ready to read a specific book. If they do or don’t is the parent’s responsibility. But don’t make that choice for every kid, for every school, for every community.

Support Banned Book Week and go read a banned book!

Jill James, contemporary and paranormal romance writer