I Finaled!

So, my RWA chapter was having a contest. I usually try to be a judge for contests at least 2-3 times a year to give back all the support and help I had along the way of my writing journey. I got seven entries and they were all good to excellent. I decided to enter a manuscript too. More along the lines of “donate twenty bucks to my chapter” kind of thing. Not that I’m not proud of my writing, but I’m self-publishing now so eventually that story would find its way to Amazon and others.

So what happened? I finaled!! (never sure, one L or two?)

Now, Ghostly Intentions goes to the final round judge (editor with a publisher) and I’m all butterflies in the stomach!! I really thought I was past all that when I decided to self-publish, but I guess not! No matter what happens, it was a fun contest to judge and enter. One of the best run I’ve seen in a long time. I got this beautiful badge to show off.

PagesFromTheHeart_FINALIST copy



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