The Zombie Book

LoveintheTimeofZombies 200x300Okay, I know many of you think this book will never be done. And I’m right there with you. But (fingers crossed) I am working on it again. The wedding boxed set is up and selling well, so back to the zombies. LOL I’m hoping to finish at the end of July and to put it on pre-order via Smashwords for August so it can be released September 2nd. That is the plan so far!!

So here is a  little excerpt for my friends who are waiting oh-so-patiently–I love you all.

Love in the Time of Zombies excerpt (unedited)


Brentwood, and the surrounding small towns, was a farmer’s market dream. Orchards for miles and farms galore. With the population down to one or two thousand, there was plenty for everyone.

Food wasn’t a problem. Harvesting and transporting it was. It’s hard to pick a row of corn if you’re afraid the man-eating walkers are in the next row over. I’d never been the growing type. If it needed care and tending, I would probably kill it. Fortunately, I was an excellent shooter. Who knew? I’d never shot a gun in my life. Why would I? San Francisco was the land of anti-gun belief. Maybe if we’d had more gun-toting citizens we might have held the city.

When we got here, they put us through a bunch of tests; agility, strength, skills, and shooting. I’d scored a hundred at all distances. No picking apples for this girl, I was made a member of the undead hunting patrol.

Breakfast out of the way; I cleaned up my section of the roof. Gathering up my dirty clothes, and believe me, you haven’t seen dirty until you try to get zombie guts out of your shirt, I took them to my friend, Michelle, who had laundry duty this month. Michelle Greggs had been on the wild ride with me out of San Francisco. We’d clung to each other all night as the horde of undead tried to get to the fresh meat inside the fortified school bus. We’d been friends ever since. Shit like that is a real bonding moment.

She stopped me with an upraised hand, and then grabbed a pair of surgical gloves before taking my clothes. We’d all told her countless times that she couldn’t get the mutated virus from simple contact; we pretty much all ready had the virus, but she continued to use the gloves. We all have our idiosyncrasies since this all started and we let her have hers.

She curtseyed. “And would madam like these pressed and folded as well?

I played along. “Yes and any spots left will come out of your pay.” I put up my chin and looked down my nose at her.

Michelle laughed. A sound I would play any silly game to get out of her, even if it was a mockery of my pre Z life. Unlike me, she’d loved her husband and had to kill him when he turned. She’d told me about it on the bus with the caveat that she would never mention it again.

“Now, go kill those skinbags,” she ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, giving her a snappy salute. We all had our names for the zombies we had to kill. Some used other names to make it easier. Parents in our group used funny names to make it less scary for the children. Way back when, there had been a late-night local show; Creature Features, and the parents had taken to calling the zombies Black Lagooners. But for the life of me, I couldn’t see how anything made what we were going through less scary. Maybe kids had a defense mechanism I was missing. I was scared shitless most days.


Love in the Time of Zombies – September 2014

Jill James, contemporary and paranormal romance