How important is a title?

What’s in a name? to paraphrase Shakespeare. Maybe everything. Romeo and Juliet did kill themselves over a name. But what about titles? How important is a title for a book? Some people say very, some say a little. So who is right? Well, both of them, of course. A title can get a book noticed in a good way or a bad way.

Divorce, InterruptedMy first Indie book was Divorce, Interrupted. I swear, that title sold more books by title alone, before anyone ever read the back cover blurb. If I had been more promo-savvy I would have given the series books all Interrupted titles and the series would have been The Interrupted Series too. (Hind-sight is always 20-20) One can only go forward.


frankenstormI recently read Frankenstorm by Ray Garton. The title caught my eye, the back cover copy saying the story took place in Eureka, California caught my debit card. I loved the story all the way through but I couldn’t forget that funny title. It seemed like it could have been something else. Something less a mash-up, more serious. But, the title had done its job; it caught my attention, it made me pick up the book.


What book have you picked up by title alone? Did the story live up to the title?


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6 thoughts on “How important is a title?

  1. A title has attracted me in the past, but I rarely buy a book alone on just the title, front cover or blurb. It might have me look at it, but its always the first pages that does it for me. I’m extremely picky about books, which is why I’m not in the “I have thousands of books on my kindle club”, I only have about 50 I’ve completed to the end.

    • I would love to peek inside. Unfortunately, then I would have thousands more books. LOL If I start readings a book I don’t usually stop. I think I have about four DNF books in my lifetime.

  2. Although some titles are intriguing, like Lee, I rarely buy on title alone. The title draws me to it, then I read the blurb and take it from there.

  3. I rarely buy on title alone. I’d buy on recommendation alone if I trusted the friend, but not title alone. There’s a book called, “If you can’t live without me, why aren’t you dead yet?” That is a fabulous title, even though it’s a little long.

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