The Reluctant Bride by Jill James

The secret project with the Authors of Main Street has had several titles, I don’t even remember them all. LOL But the story for the Weddings on Main Street anthology is set.

The Reluctant Bride by Jill James

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Claire Woods and Jimmy Tyler were high-school sweethearts with a marriage proposal on prom night. Ten years later and they are no closer to the altar than that far away romantic night, thanks to Claire’s family. Traits run in families, divorce runs in Claire’s. Her parents have eight marriages and numerous divorces between them. And her siblings aren’t much better, with her twin, Corrine ready to walk down the aisle for marriage #5. But is she?

Jimmy Tyler has a plan and with the help of Claire’s siblings and family he may just get his reluctant bride surprised, ambushed, and to the church in time.


Weddings on Main Street by Authors of Main Street is set to release June 9th, 2014


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