On The Internet – Serious Reading Takes a Hit

You can click HERE to read the article in the Washington Post.

And this is why I read on my old Nook or my basic Kindle and I’ll never own a tablet. Even with electronic reading I want to just read, not surf the Internet or do emails.


4 thoughts on “On The Internet – Serious Reading Takes a Hit

  1. Funny they don’t have an option for all the above, because. 🙂 Yes I do, depending on the book and whether it looks better on the Kindle or the computer (Because kindle doesn’t process PDF’s well at all)….

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog. Sorry I didn’t add all of the above. I do that too. Some paper, some (ok lots) ereader. I noticed that about PDFs and Kindle. They show up nice, just like a book on my Nook.

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